Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 is the perfect tool for the wow effect in your photos – quite simple, entirely comfortable and easy to use even for inexperienced users. No annoying adjustment of tonal values or gamma corrections. No manual determining of white balance values or unsatisfactory back and forth of color, contrast and brightness controls…no! Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 optimizes and polishes your photos to high gloss with just one click. The results are so brilliant, clear and so colorful that one might think that your photos were edited by a specialist with image processing software.

The Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 combines a modern and clear program interface, which is already prepared for the touch screen controls of the latest monitors and laptops, with intuitive usage and a thought-out range of functions that users need to make the best out of their photos – red eye correction, several effects, watermarking, color correction, one click optimization, rotate, mirror, age images and lots more. The result of an optimization or an effect can be comfortably viewed and compared to the original picture in a before / after split screen. If you don’t like an automatic optimization, you can do a manual color correction with the help of slide controls. Let the program for example age your image and experience the fascination of old photo in your latest pictures. If you don’t want others to boast themselves with your photos, just use a text or a symbol as watermark for your pictures. This makes a lot of sense especially with photos that you would like to post on the Internet. The photo optimizer will help there, too.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 Key Features:

  1. One click optimization for your pictures
  2. Conversion of photos into the desired format
  3. Optimization of several pictures with one click
  4. Red eye correction
  5. Image viewer in Explorer style
  6. Before and After split view
  7. Automatic backup
  8. Watermarking of photos
  9. Connection to Facebook, Picasa etc.
  10. Send pictures by e-mail
  11. Full touch screen support


Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 Free Full Version Serial Number /License Key

Alternative Offer ( updated on December 08, 2013)

Sharewareonsale (SOS) are having a giveaway of Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4, where everyone can download a full version copy for free. The giveaway will be valid for today & tomorrow only (48 hours on December 08 & 09, 2013). Act fast to grab your free copy. More info & grab your free copy at the promo page here.

Terms and Conditions

  • This is a 1-user lifetime license, for home and business use
  • No free updates; if you update the program, you may lose the freebie
  • No free tech support
  • Can be installed or re-installed whenever you want Giveaway – Still Working!

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 is normally priced at $9.99 per  Serial Number / License Key. Thanks to a giveaway offer by, you can now download Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 full version with serial key for totally free of charge. At time of post, there is only 3 days left for this giveaway. Get it while it last!

Registration & Download: For German speaker, registration and download of Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 should not be a problem. But if you do not know German and still want to try, you may need to follow follow the below screenshots.

1. Visit the Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 Giveaway Page here and download Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 installer.

Download Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4

Download Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4

2. After you have finished downloading, just install it. The installation is in German language. But after installation, you can change the UI to the language you would like to use.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 Installation

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 Installation

Take note that during installation, Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 tries to install Ashampoo toolbar, change your homepage, etc. Make sure to uncheck them  if you don’t want the toolbar.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 Installation

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 Installation Finished

3. After finished installation it should automatically open a registration page. If it doesn’t you can simply click on here or here to open the registration page. In that page, enter your e-mail address to grab your free full version Serial Number / License Key.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 Free Giveaway

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 Free Full Version License Key

5. Now you should get your free license key for Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4. Enter that key to unlock full version.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 Free Full Version

5. Now, you can change the UI to English or to the language you would like to use. Click Einstellungen => Sprache,  select English,  and Restart Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 Change Language

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 Change Language

Done, Enjoy your  Free Full Version of Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4.

Updated [March 3, 2013]: This is not a new promo but lasts for a long time (I shared it on Apr 8, 2012). It is still working and many of you may need it. I change the date published for this post to make it up.