I used to find a few wordpree site have an “Incoming Search Terms for the Article” section down the bottom of the article page. And wanted to have this function very badly on my blog  as well. As it will strengthen our On Page SEO by adding new internal linking to the  post using the most popular keywords used by visitors to find the blog post from a search engine ( incoming search terms ).

I search and search on the web, then I find a wordpress Plugin named ” LJ Longtail SEO”, which describe it to have the function of displaying the Incoming Search Terms for the Articles either on the sidebar in the form of a Widget linking to the Top 5 Popular Searches or any place you select on your theme.Then i download and install it,But unfortunately,I find it isn’t what i need.

As described,” LJ Longtail SEO”  is possible to display the Incoming Search Terms for the Articles at any place you select on your theme linking to the Top 5 Popular Searches . However, as showing below, ” LJ Longtail SEO” can only show popular incoming Search Terms for all articles, but can’t show for each article. ” LJ Longtail SEO”  is usefull but obviously Not enough.

Wordpress Long Tail SEO Plugin

I re-search a lot on the wordpress plugin site. There is a saying “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”, and after a lot of search i finally find what i want, even better than i have expected. That’s the ” SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2″.

Besides the features of Displaying the search terms/keywords used by visitors from search engines for each blog post, SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2 provides more functionality:

  • Display the search terms/keywords used by visitors from search engines for each blog post.
  • Display the most popular search term for the entire blog posts.
  • Display the most recent search terms for the entire blog posts.
  • Display random search terms for the entire blog posts.
  • Add the list of search terms automatically after the post content or manually by editing the template.
  • Limit the search terms to be displayed.
  • Display the search terms only or automatically change it into internal linking to the blog post or search page.
  • Display popularity ( search counter ) after each keyword.
  • Automatically delete unused search terms after X days.
  • Automatically convert popular search terms into Post Tags.
  • Display most popular search terms in the archive category ( courtesy of Pile )
  • Delete unwanted search engine terms & delete all search terms ( reset ).
  • Popular, Popular in Category, Random & Recent Search Terms widgets ( you can find it on page Appearance > Widgets ).
  • Block unwanted keywords/bad words.

Here are a few screenshots of the reports this plugin is going to give you in the Admin Panel and how this information can be helpful to you for making the Long Tail Key Phrases rank better. (The images below have been reduced in size. Click on it to see the full version.)

 Incoming Search Terms

The effect.

wordpress Incoming Search Terms

By default, this plugin add list automatically right after your post content, but I think this would impact user experience, so i disable it and manually  put the plugin code into the  single.php  below the comment form. I also change it to display the search terms in the form of paragraphs, separated by commas, not in the form of a list like the plugin default format. You can see my setting above.

You can download this SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2 Plugin on wordpress at Here,or just search from WordPress Admin  Plugin > Add New.This plugin requires WordPress Version 2.5 or higher,and works fine with the lattest version wordpress 3.0.

The Manual Usage Instructions of this plugin is useful, you can easily add your Incoming Search Terms for the Article function, as well as the showing the “Recent Search Terms” and  “Popular Search Terms”. If you have any problem,just leave a Comment below,I’d be happly to help.