Perfect Effects 9.5 Premium Edition Free Full Version License Number

Perfect Effects 9.5 Premium Edition by On1 (previously known as OnOne) is one of the most powerful effects software available which offers photographers of all skill levels easy ways to enhance, stylize, and create images with impact. An extensive library of one-click customizable presets, adjustable filters, manual controls, and live previews let your creativity shine while spending less time at your computer.

Effects are sorted into more than 40 categories, such as HDR, Movie Looks, and Vintage. Also included are effects that recreate the look of film and darkroom techniques, add glows, vignettes, and borders, and correct common photography problems. These photographic effects can be used individually or combined, providing photographers with endless creative options to achieve their photographic vision. Perfect Effects 9.5 Premium Edition also includes a flexible browser with keyword search functionality and the ability to preview your effect or preset categories on your image at one time. In addition, Perfect Effects 9.5 Premium Edition include blending modes, paint-in brush effects, and a powerful, edge-detecting Perfect Brush that smoothly applies or removes adjustments to specific areas without going “outside the lines.”

Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition

Perfect Effects 9.5 Premium Edition integrates seamlessly into your workflow, no matter what tools and software you use. It can be utilized as an effective standalone tool or as a great companion to Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or Apple Aperture. The only caveat is that the software requires 8GB of RAM and a 64-bit operating system, Windows 7 or higher, or Mac OS X 10.8 or higher — 32-bit is not supported, unfortunately.

Perfect Effects 9 Premium Edition Key Features:

  • Instantly transform photos with built-in presets
  • Create any look you want with adjustable filters
  • Stack and blend filters to create unique looks
  • Apply effects exactly where you want with simple brush strokes and masking tools
  • Live Previews show you exactly what each effect will do to your image
  • Perfect Brush for precise edge-detected masking
  • Solve some of your most common digital photography problems with the Adjustment Brushes and the new Adjustable Gradients
  • Perfect Mask works as a plug-in and is a perfect companion to Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, and Apple Aperture

Perfect Effects 9.5 Premium Edition Free Download Full Version License Number

Perfect Effects Premium Edition is normally priced at  $59.95 per serial key / license number. But as part of the developer’s promo offer, you can download the all-new Perfect Effects 9.5 Premium Edition at no cost for a limited time only! A $59.95 value that is 100% FREE! This is a fully licensed version. It’s yours to keep forever.

Interested users just need to visit the promo page here, scroll down it a bit and submit your name & email to get your free full version license number, as well as download links for both Windows and Macintosh versions. Alternatively, you may download the Installers here: For Windows | For Mac. Then active full version with the license number you received.

Bonus Deal: Free Presets For Perfect Effects

As an owner of Perfect Effects 8, you can get a new preset pack by photographer extraordinaire Matt Kloskowski for free. Not sure if this preset pack is compatible with Perfect Effects 9. Download Here.

For those who will be missing this giveaway, you can download Perfect Effects 9 Free Edition. With more than 170 free photo effects, Perfect Effects 9 Free Edition gives you a great way to instantly add subtle to striking effects to your photos.

What’s New in Perfect Effects 9.5

New Smart Photos: Re-edit your photos—with previous settings intact—after saving and closing them. All of your editing steps are saved with a Smart Photo, so you can make subtle (or major) changes to a photo at a later date.

New Quick Mask Tool: The Quick Mask tool determines the areas of your photo you want to keep and creates a mask automatically. It’s perfect for adding a look to part of your photo.

New Lens Flare Filter: Lets you get that popular “shot into the sun” look and add lens flares ranging from subtle to bold.

Updated Perfect Brush: Our popular Perfect Brush has been enhanced to work better along soft edges and semi-transparent objects like smoke, clouds, or hair.

New Noise Reduction: Reduce noise from your photos while maintaining details. Even selectively apply noise reduction to different parts of a photo, such as the shadows or highlights.

New Print Options: Now print your photos directly from Perfect Effects!

Live Previews: Easily toggle the preview on/off to quickly see how your editing progresses. Also use the Quick View Browser for a full-screen gallery view of your looks applied to your photo.

What’s New in Perfect Effects 9:

Smart Photos: Smart Photos are a special PSD format that allows you to save your settings and masks from each module that you use so you can go back and re-edit them later.

Masking Changes: The best tools from Perfect Mask have been merged into the Suite in general. You can now access all the masking tools in Layers and Effects directly. These are big changes and you can now get better masks than before, in the place where you want to work with them, especially for selectively applying filters in Effects. Here is a rundown on the masking tools.

  • Quick Mask Tool: This is the replacement for the Drop and Keep brushes from Perfect Mask. Select the tool and loosely brush over what you want to remove. It will automatically expand the selection to the borders it finds.
  • Refine Brush: The Refine brush is used after the Quick Mask Tool or the Perfect Brush to clean up difficult areas like hair or trees. It now has a mode option which is set to paint-out by default. This provides better results than it used to because it does not bring back unwanted colors.
  • Perfect Brush: The Perfect Brush is an option on the Masking Brush. It now works better on semi-transparent areas. It replaces the Magic Brush from Perfect Mask.
  • Blur and Chisel Mask Tools: The Blur and Chisel Mask tools have both been migrated from Perfect Mask. They are used to refine the edge of the mask.
  • You can now copy and paste masks from image to image and across modules. Keep in mind with Smart Photos your masks are stored on a per effect basis across time and can be re-edited later.

Retina Display Support: For Mac users with Retina displays the preview area and all artwork are now drawn at 2x quality. This will be coming soon for Windows 8.1 users as well.

Printing: You can now do basic printing from any module, including Resize and Browse. Access Print from the File menu. You can select the printer settings and paper size as well as control how the image will fit on the paper and the color management options.

Auto Tone: There is a new auto tone algorithm that replaces the old auto levels. In the past we just set the the white and black points. Now it sets these as well as adjusts the brightness, contrast, shadows and highlights.

Image processing performance has been increased. We use more OpenGL and OpenCL as well as more optimized use of multiple processor cores.

Noise Reduction: There is a new noise reduction filter in Enhance and Effects.

Lens Flare: There is a new lens flare filter in Effects.

Crop Tool: The crop tool has been modernized. It now moves the image inside of the crop box instead of the other way around. It also has leveling tool. There are new crop aspect ratio presets as well as document size presets that allow you to crop and resize at the same time. This is in Layers, Enhance and Resize.

Updated user interface

Thanks to Sharemore and Matt for informing me about this promo. Readers like you keep us alive!

Updated: This is an old promo but hope it prove useful to the one who may not know abut the promo.