Picture Cutout Guide Free Full Version Download @ Glarysoft

Picture Cutout Guide is a photo editing program that offers you the possibility to cut out solid objects from photographs and separate them from their original background, apply background effects (filling, shadowing, blur), and allow transferring of the objects to another image/photo. In other words, it allows you to make photomontages.

When you try to do this using other photo edition program, the process is usually a bit complex and difficult. Picture Cutout Guide is specially designed to do that task and includes a wizard that will guide you throughout the process in a few simple steps. Plus it comes with animated demo samples to make your task even easier: the program features; indication the object boundary; simple background erase; the background effects; complex background erase; photo montage; rotation; jagged object edge; legend; etc. Picture Cutout Guide gives you the opportunity to be creative and make your photo montage without special training!

Picture Cutout Guide

Picture Cutout Guide offers these tools: Wide Edge – allows separation of an object from its background and storage for later making a picture collage, applies background effects; Paste Object – pastes a separated image into another photo, makes a collage of pictures, fulfils export and import of the objects; Smart Patch – replaces one area of the photo with a “patch” from another area of the photo; Text; Resize; Crop; Rotation.

Picture Cutout Guide Free Full Version Download

Picture Cutout Guide is normally priced at $45 per  serial number / license key. Glarysoft are having a giveaway of Picture Cutout Guide 3.1.7, where everyone can download a full version copy for free. The giveaway will be valid for today only (24 hours on April 25, 2014). Act fast to grab your free copy.

Go to the giveaway page here during giveaway period to download the giveaway package. Unzip the package you’ve downloaded, and carefully read the instructions which you can find in the readme.txt file. Follow the instructions carefully to install and activate the software. You have to install and activate it before the Giveaway offer for the software is over.