Most i Want Registry Washer 4.0 Full Version Serial License Key For Free Registry Washer is a simple utility to clean up the registry. With it, users can scan their Windows registry files for numerous types of errors and problems, such as unnecessary registry entries, broken links, old ActiveX files, the remaining elements of the old uninstalled fonts, recent documents, or others (manually or automatically- based on predefined schedules by user), and  clean them up in no time. In addition, Registry Washer holds a backup of your registry so you can cancel changes at any time. Registry Washer 4.0 Feature Overview:

How to get Registry Washer 4.0 Full Version Serial License Key For Free? Registry Washer 4.0 normally costs $19.99 for purchase and comes with a 10-day trial period, although you can extend it by getting the free trial key from the publisher’s site. Now, For a very limited time, as part of the developer’s  Christmas free offer, the interested users are now entitled to download the latest full version Registry Washer 4.0 with free Serial License Key.

Before moving any further, I have to admit that i have NOT used this Registry Washer software before. But someone says  “this tool will crash your windows”, so try at your own risk and remember to do a Registry backup before try it.

To grab your free copy:

1, Visit Registry Washer 4.0 Christmas giveaway page. Enter your name and email, then click the “Submit Query”.

2, You will soon receive an email. Click on the confirmation link in it, then you will get Alcohol 120% registration details in a second email.

4, Download Registry Washer 4.0:  Download_regwash.exe [English online installer]

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