$10 Of In-Game Items For Stronghold Kingdoms

Raptr is offering $10 Of In-Game Items For Stronghold Kingdoms players, in order to celebrate the launch of Amazon’s new free-to-play games store. This reward is available to US & Puerto Rico gamers only.  To earn $10-worth of in-game items, you must be ranked Amateur or above in a featured Amazon free-to-play game and have your Facebook account connected to Raptr.

Stronghold Kingdoms is the world’s first persistent castle MMO, created by Firefly Studios. A unique free to play PC strategy game, Stronghold Kingdoms brings together online interactivity and community, with a richly depicted medieval world and thousands of real world players. In Stronghold Kingdoms, an extension of the Stronghold RTS series, gamers can play the role of a peaceful Steward or conquering warlord. Siege the castle that has never been taken, overthrow ruthless tyrants, bankroll your faction’s war effort, pillage a neighbor’s resources, become an expert pig farmer…or all of the above! Download the game for free through Amazon.

Stronghold Kingdoms $10 Of In-Game Items

Details can be found here.

Note: Amazon is offering a starter pack valued at $10 to players who create a Stronghold Kingdoms account through Amazon (or link an existing account). This pack includes: 10 packs of strategy cards (50 cards), 100 card points, and a 7 day premium token (7 days of Premium) — gamers can take advantage of that offer and claim this reward as well.