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Suppose you are searching information on the internet and come across one multi-pages large PDF file, while in which there is only several-page information that you need, what will you do? A new more handy program will help you solve the problem. It is 4Videosoft PDF Splitter. 4Videosoft PDF Splitter is an easy-to-use PDF Splitting software that allows you to quickly split your PDF files into much more manageable, smaller segments!

With this PDF Splitter, you can assign every n page of a PDF file to carry on a one time division exactly, split PDF file by bookmarks easily, split PDF file according to your preference specially and split the whole PDF file averagely. Furthermore, 4Videosoft PDF Splitter provides two ways to save your finished splitting PDF files: save in the same folder as the source document, save in the customized directory. It really saves your time if you need to extract different parts from the large PDF file for other use. Perfect for commuters. Perfect for project managers. Perfect for anyone who needs to break large PDF files into more manageable chunks.

4Videosoft PDF Splitter

4Videosoft PDF Splitter Key Features:

  1. Split large PDF files into smaller segments
  2. Make it easier to load PDF files onto portable devices for reading on the go
  3. Control how the PDF file is split, by certain number of pages or bookmarks
  4. Split a PDF based on a selected range of pages, then create a new PDF file from those pages
  5. Save split files into the same directory or a customized directory
  6. Easy to operate even for new beginners.

4Videosoft PDF Splitter Free Full Version Serial Key

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