7plus Customize and Tweak Windows 7 Explorer With Shortcuts

Windows Customizing and tweaking program 7plus allows you to create shortcuts for Windows 7 to streamline your efficiency.In windows there are many application available to perform our basic works, but not every thing is customizable. If you need more functionality from your windows explorer as additional shortcuts, quick access to frequently used folders, or even control mouse pointer with a game, controller 7plus will be of great help.

use 7plus to Customize and Tweak Windows 7 Explorer With Shortcuts

7plus is a free and simple application that integrates tons of useful features in windows. It is extremely easy to install and all the options are self explanatory.After a little setup, you can create files, paste text and images as files, or even upload a file to a server with the right keystroke.

With this application you can store and retrieve your favorite folders for fast navigation. What’s more, it allows you to create a file or folder just pressing F7 or F8 as shortcuts any where you like. Any file can be uploaded to a defined FTP server directly using Ctrl+U. You can now use middle mouse button to close windows easily, it allows switching between windows with Caps Lock. clipboard text or images can be copied easily as files.

 If You want to use the FTP upload feature, you have to have the name of the server and your login information specify in the settings.

Use 7plus Customize and Tweak Windows 7 Explorer With Shortcuts

Apart from the above mentioned utilities 7Plus provides many other small utilities which greatly helps us in saving time and gain more comfort with Windows. If you do not like any function it can  be disabled by disabling the option.

[Download 7plus here]

 The open-source program is available for free for Windows only. While some features are Windows 7 /vista specific, Its full utilization can only be done in Vista and windows7.But some components will still work in most versions of Windows.

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