Abelssoft JetDrive 7 Ultimate Free Full Version Download

Do you have the impression that your PC gets slower and slower with each passing day? While there are many causes that can lead to slow and unstable PC performance, Disk fragmentation is generally the primary cause. We all know that every hard drive begins its life as a series of well-organized, neatly arranged and sequential files. But as you use your computer, the arrangement of files on your hard drive becomes more and more chaotic, and individual files may be broken into many small parts over the entire drive, resulting in fragmentation. The outcome is a slowing down of your system, as the hard drive reads and merges these separate fragments every time you open a file.

Abelssoft JetDrive 7 Ultimate

JetDrive Ultimate by Abelssoft is a very easy to use tool that defragments your hard disk fully automatically and restores it to an optimal state immediately. Designed to defragment hard drives more effectively than the default Windows Defrag application, JetDrive Ultimate uses a special, highly sophisticated algorithm which can improve defragmentation performance by up to 20%. JetDrive will also check the hard drive for errors and optionally remove any garbage and temporary files before the defragmentation begins. Besides disk defragmentation, JetDrive Ultimate can defragment the Windows Registry as well as defragment your memory and accelerate starting programs.

Abelssoft JetDrive 7 Ultimate Key Features:

  • Defragment your Hard Drives either manually or automatically according to the your preferences.
  • You may defragment single files or specific folders manually.
  • Check your Drives for Errors and corrects them.
  • JetDrive can empty your temp folders before starting the defragmentation process.
  • JetDrive offers you pure defragmentation of your system files.
  • Defragment protected Windows Files before Windows starts
  • Defragment the Windows registry as well as your Memory
  • FolderVisualizer tool helps you find space-wasting files with just one mouse click.


Abelssoft JetDrive 7 Ultimate Free Full Version Download

Abelssoft JetDrive 7 Ultimate is normally priced at $39.95 per serial number / license key, but as part of the promo offer by Chip.de, you can Abelssoft JetDrive 7 Ultimate full version for free. Not sure for how long the giveaway is going to last, which means it’s probably best to grab the goods while the offer is still live.

Interested users just need to visit the promo page here (Page in German, use Google Translate if needed) to download the special giveaway installer. Afterwards please install the program on your computer and make the registration directly. The program turns into a free full versions after few minutes.

Note: just to be on the extra safe side it is recommended that you create a System Restore point. This will help restore your PC to an earlier state in case something ever goes wrong in the future.