Access and synchronize files to Google Docs from Desktop

Forgot that file on your work computer again? Leave an Excel spreadsheet you need for a presentation on your home laptop? Google Docs is right here to help you avaid avoid such case. It will let you upload any type of file to Google Docs and access it from the cloud.

Anyone who is in the market for word processing software should take a look at Google Docs. It is definitely best replacement for Microsoft Office, with Google Docs you have flexibility of accessing, editing & sharing your documents from anywhere in the world and absolutely no need of carrying around your important documents in Pen drive or portable HDD. Google Docs will provide up to 1GB of free storage, with any additional files costing $0.25 per GB per year.

Everything ,even Google Docs, has its drawbacks. The only issue is lack of good desktop tool for Google Docs, making it unproductive & only way is to access from browser for even small tasks like uploading & downloading of documents. Then, do you want to access online Google Docs files outside web browser on the desktop directly? Here is something you may like: iGoSyncDocs. It is a desktop application(Swing based) that offers an easy way to access and synchronize files to Google Docs across multiple computers.


iGoSyncDocs allows easy way to access and synchronize files to Google Docs across multiple computers. You can browse various files in Google Docs account in neat explorer format. It allows you to create new document, presentation and spreadsheet files. You can also download and upload files to your Google Docs account from desktop using this utility program. It also support other basic editing functions like: Refresh, rename, delete, move to trash, star, hide and share files. Login into your Google Docs account from desktop with this utility software.

Features of iGoSyncDocs

1. Access Google Docs Services from desktop application
2. View Hidden, Started documents
3. Rename, trash or delete documents
4. Create new Document, Spreadsheet & Presentations
5. Download or upload document via Google Docs Services
6. Share Document with friends, Google groups

Download iGoSyncDocs

I have to remind you that iGoSyncDocs is still in beta. Rember that iGoSyncDocs running under jdk1.6. And Windows & Linux installer version is coming soon.