Add Windows 8 like User Tile in Windows 7 Taskbar

A recently leaked Windows 8 milestone 3 video showcased many new features of Windows 8 of which one interesting features of Windows 8 was ability to set a video file (.wmv) as user avatar picture which appears in taskbar tiles and gives quick access to various profile-related actions such as log-off, switch user and the like.

Add Windows 8 like User Tile in Windows 7 Taskbar

Now thanks to a simple application called TaskBar UserTile, Windows 7 users who can not wait to experience the new Windows 8 Taskbar Tiles Video profile feature, can get the same functionality nice and early.

To add a windows 8 like user tile to windows 7 taskbar just follow the below steps.

  • At first download Taskbar UserTile Alpha 7.1 from this link
  • Now extract the zip file contents into folder.
  • Then edit Config.ini file and change the AvatarPath to the video file ( only video with wmv format is supported at the moment) path that you want to set as Taskbar user picture tile.
  • Now execute UserTile.exe to make the changes into effect.

When you set a video file as taskbar user picture tile, it will not change the current user picture in Start menu and logon screen. You can view the new video user picture in taskbar only.

Note: TaskBar UserTile is the alpha software and it contains some bugs. It works only when taskbar placed at the bottom and has default size.

If you want to have a taste of what Windows 8 “Should” or “might” be, you can also try the Windows 8 Transformation pack!