AgataSoft ShutDown Pro Serial Key For Free, Today Only

AgataSoft Shutdown Pro is a Powerful Auto Shut Down Timer which allows you to schedule a power management function for your computer. The tool allows you to power off, restart, log off, suspend or hibernate the system, as well turn off the monitor and set off an alarm clock, according to the schedule that you set. Furthermore, you can specify cleaning actions before turning off the computer (e.g. Recycle Bin, temporary files, recent document links), set up security (e.g. enable remote action, use a password), configure keyboard shortcuts, Shut Down other LAN computers, Start/Close a specific program at different times, etc.

AgataSoft ShutDown Pro

AgataSoft ShutDown Pro Key Features:

  1. Shut Down the computer at a certain time (i.e., at 4:30 pm).
  2. Shut Down the computer in a certain time (i.e., in 3 hours).
  3. Shut Down the computer if the CPU usage is low (i.e., if the CPU usage has been lower than 40% for 5 minutes). Shut Down the computer if the user has been away from the computer for a certain time.
  4. The task scheduler will help you execute the necessary task on a certain day of the week. (for example, shut down the computer at 6:00 PM from Monday through Friday, and shut down it at 5:00 PM on Saturday).
  5. Hotkeys to help you to quickly shut down or restart the computer.
  6. Before a shut down, you can delete temporary files, clear the Internet Explorer cache, clear the Recycle Bin and delete document access entries.
  7. Network control will help you shut down computers on your local area network. You will be able to shut down either one computer or multiple computers at a time.ut

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