Android Swiftkey app Helps you Type Faster by 50%

There is some good news for Android phone owners who were waiting for the multi-touch keyboard,the SwiftKey is now live on the Android Market!SwiftKey is a new app for Android based smartphones that allows users to type faster on a virtual keyboard.

Swiftkey, the technology created by Blackheath based Touchtype, will replace your Android keyboard.When using the application is “learns” how you construct messages such as text and emails and then adjusts to predict what it thinks you will type next by scaning around 5 million words in the English language.According to the CEO of TouchType, Jonathan Reyonolds, the application “predicts a third of words without a button being pressed and 85% of words with just two characters pressed”.Swiftkey also include the correction of spelling mistakes.


To get a better idea of how Swiftkey works, check out the following video. We’re really taken with SwiftKey and hope that it gets rolled out to other touchscreen phones soon.

Android Swiftkey app Helps you Type Faster by 50%

Swiftkey is now free to use .Download and install  is very easy,you can follow this download guide to install it. You can download and install this app through regular edge/ 3G, but it is advised to use Wi-Fi for quick and hassle free installation.

Download Android Swiftkey app