Anti-Malware Digital Patrol Regname and Product Key For Free

Malware, short for malicious software, is software designed to secretly access a computer system without the owner’s informed consent. Malwares are classified into multiple types such computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, dishonest adware, scareware, crimeware, most rootkits, and other malicious and unwanted software or program. Normally there are two types of security products available on the market, one of it is a full suite of antivirus which protects against all types of malware, such as kaspersky and ESET NOD32; and the other type is an antispyware which aims to detect and clean only spyware, trojan and adware. Digital Patrol belongs to the latter.

Digital Patrol is an anti-malware tool by NictaTech Software which can detect and remove Trojan Horses, spywares, viruses, worms, Keyloggers, porno-dialers, and malicious ActiveX controls and Java applets. It detects and remove all those malicious software with almost 100% success. Its automatic definition update keep your system updated with latest protection. Digital Patrol also makes a heuristic analysis of files (Code Analyzer) to detect new threats and previously unknown malware, viruses and trojans. This utility gives you protection from the most popular archive types and the self-extracting executable files (ZIP, CAB, RAR, ARJ, e.t.c.).

Anti-Malware Digital Patrol

Anti-Malware Digital Patrol normally cost you $19.95 for a one year license key with support, but NictaTech Software is now giving away free Regname and Product Key for its Digital Patrol 5.x version.

To grab your free copy:

1, Visit this Digital Patrol promo page and fill the form with working email address.

2, Check your inbox, you will receive an email with the confirmation link, click on it to receive your free license key.

3, Before activation please download and install latest version of Digital Patrol at

4. Enter the Regname and Product Key, make sure that automatic activation mode is selected and click Next. After verifying your reg name and product key and downloading the activation code from our server Digital Patrol will congratulate you on successful activation.

Note: This registration information valid only on Digital Patrol version 5.0 or later! (The latest version is 5.5 build 34 now). And to be honest, I have never used this Anti-Malware program before.