Aomei Partition Assistant Professional Edition 3.0 License Key For Free [Giveaway]

Aomei Partition Assistant Professional Edition is a professional & comprehensive partition management solution to assist you to optimize your disk performance on your computer. It works similar to the popular Partition Magic application but comes with several advanced tools that can perform more complex tasks easily. With its help, you can Resize and Move Partition, Extend System Drive, Repartition, Merge, Split Partition etc. It adopts the low-level commands like sector-grade to ensure all operations higher efficiency. Attractive operation is that all these changes of partition can be previewed before applying to hard disk and all data is completely protected during all operations and without the risk of data loss (However, we still recommend you first copy your important data to an external hard drive before you operate the partition).

Aomei Partition Assistant Professional Edition 3.0

Aomei Partition Assistant Professional Edition 3.0 Key Features:

  • Basic Partitioning Features
    • Create partitions
    • Format partitions
    • Delete partitions
    • Assign drive letters
    • Remove drive letters
    • Hide partitions
    • Unhide partitions
    • Mark a partition as active
    • Change partition volume labels
    • Check file system integrity
    • Check disk bad sectors
    • Permanently wipe disk data
    • Convert file system
    • Clear system disk
  • Advanced Partitioning Features
    • Hot resize system partition without work interruption
    • Resize partition to optimize disk space management
    • Move partition from one location to another
    • Merge two or more partitions into a larger one
    • Split one big partition into two or more
    • Extend partition to increase the capacity
    • Shrink partition to release more unallocated space
    • Redistribute free space to create new partition
    • Extend partition wizard step-by-step help you
    • Repartition without data loss
    • Wipe hard drive and wipe partition
    • New! Copy disk: allows you to transfer all data and application from one disk to another.
    • New! Copy partition: enables you to backup or clone partition to a new location.
  • Additional Features
    • Enhanced data protection technique ensure data security 100% during resizing partition
    • Virtual pre-execution, preview any operation tasks before apply to the disk
    • Flexible and adjustable drag & drop interface
    • Display hard disk configuration in graphic form (Disk Panel)
    • View all disk and partition properties
    • Display operation progress in graphic form and step by step
    • Support Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit)
    • Support file system including FAT, FAT32 and NTFS
    • Support hard disks from 100MB to 2TB
    • Support up to 32 hard drives
    • Support all hardware RAID such as hardware RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 etc
    • Support storage devices including IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB disk, FireWire disk etc
    • Password Protecting Partition Assistant.

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