App Store hacked and iTunes accounts hacking more widespread

It’s the 5th of July  here in the states,  a holiday for many as the end of an extended weekend. Perfect timing to perpetrate a scam on something like the iTunes store.Compromised Apple App Store accounts have been abused by rogue developers to boost their ranking and increase their sales.Hijacked accounts,probably as the result of a phishing attack, were reportedly used to buy multiple copies of previously obscure Vietnamese-language eBooks, in an apparent bid to game the iTunes ranking system.

App Store and iTunes accounts hacking more widespread than initially thought.

The info on this hack is still a bit sketchy, it first got noticed when folks started seeing a series of books climb up the Books popular apps list, all from the same developer.And now the story has developed, the problem has grown far more serious than initially thought – not just that one particular developer and his apps – the Apple App store is filled with App Farms being used to steal.

App Store and iTunes accounts hacking more widespread than initially thought.

What you should do

The eBooks concerned have been pulled from Apple’s store and the account of seller Thuat Nguyen of mycompany has been suspended.But,we noticed that although Thuat Nguyen’s book apps have all been removed from the iTunes store but there are many others. More details and further updates can be found here
For now, we can only recommend you check your recent purchases, remove your debit card being stored on iTunes and change your password immediately. When we have more recommendations you can be sure you’ll hear from us.