AppBooster Pro 2.0 Serial License Key for Free

AppBooster Pro 2.0 Free Download With Serial License Key – As time goes by you may have installed a lot of applications. And lots of them install background processes and services, which you don’t use many times. The more background processes are running, the more memory is used and starting apps and games is much slower. Professional users always know how to boost their system for more game performance or FPS by shutting down unneeded applications, processes, services and Windows Features. But for inexperienced users and pros who want to save time let AppBooster Pro improve system performance with just one click and without any reboot.

AppBooster Pro 2.0
AppBooster Pro gives you instant power for your apps and games whenever you need it. Instead of manually shutting down running processes, applications and windows services, AppBooster quits all unneeded background processes and services making more RAM and CPU power available for your favorite games and apps. After exiting the Booster Mode the original system state will be restored without rebooting. Without being a professional pc user you are able to get the most out of your computer.

AppBooster Pro 2.0 Key Features

  • Booster Profiles – Applications, services and Windows Features are clearly categorized to help you decide what functions you don’t need during the Booster Mode is active. These settings can be saved in “Booster Profiles” to switch Between different scenarios.
  • Booster Modes – AppBooster contains a database with information about the importance and usefulness of background applications, services and windows features. Most of the running processes are not needed if you focus on performance e.g. Windows Designs and support for Mobile Devices. These processes will be terminated by AppBooster and reinitialized after the Booster Mode has been stopped.
  • Boost & Reset – AppBooster doesn’t need a reboot, neither for shutting applications and services down nor for restarting previously running applications.
  • Booster Shortcuts – Instead of manually launching AppBooster you can create shortcuts for applications which should be boosted. An AutoBoost Shortcut launches a Booster Profile and opens the linked application.
  • Include & Exclude Lists – AppBooster may terminate a process or service you need. If you experience any problems or missing features during the Booster Mode you can adjust a detailed exclude list to avoid future problems. If there are any applications which are NOT automatically closed (maybe because they are missing in the database) you can add them to an include list. Optionally you can send the develper this database to help improve their database.
  • Internet Booster – Optimizes your internet connection for less laggy games and better download speed
  • Defragmentation – Defrags your drives to increase the overall system performance

AppBooster Pro 2.0 Serial License Key for Free

AppBooster Pro 2.0 Normally costs 14,99€ to purchase and comes with a 14 days free trial. But as part of the PC Welt magazine’s promotion offer, you can download full version AppBooster Pro 2.0 with serial license key, for free of charge.

1. Interested users just need to go to this giveaway page. Enter the promo code : APPBSTR-IT-12 and your email, then press the button “Serienummen anforden”.

AppBooster Pro Free Full Version Giveaway

If everything goes right you will get the following message upon successful submission (the red text is a translation for the message ).

AppBooster Pro 2.0 Successfull Registration

2. Check your email now, you should have got an email from  “Mobile Concepts Promo-Team” < [email protected]>, containing your free serial license key for AppBooster Pro 2.0.

3. Download AppBooster Pro 2.0 from this link, and install it. Active full version with received serial  key.

AppBooster PRO 2.0 Serial Key for Free

UPDATED (October, 28 – 2012): The old promo ( shared on Mar 5, 2012) has expired but I find another new time limited free giveaway for this software. I have updated this post to make it up. Hope you will get the most out of your computer with AppBooster Pro 2.