Apple Video Converter Factory Pro Review

Apple Video Converter Factory Pro is the powerful and professional converter for converting video/audio files to the Apple portable devices. It is really an all in one video converter. The Apple Video Converter = iPad Video Converter + iPod Video Converter + iPhone Video Converter; but it just cost me $20. It is a worthy deal.

The Apple video converter is easy to control, just a few steps to run a conversion process, and the user guide is unnecessary. The conversion speed of the converter is fast, it just take a few minutes to convert a minutes video. Besides, the background working is really nice; when the converting process is running, I can still do some other stuffs. By the way, I like the interface, the cool dark interface.

About the formats issue, the Apple video converter is to support over 150 formats. It’s just like other converters advertised which just make me feel sick. I don’t check it whether it’s true or not. I just converted my MKV and MP4 videos and the video converter worked well. That’s enough.

Furthermore, I think the video edit functions of the Apple Video Converter Factory Pro are useful. I can clip videos and merge some short videos together. And video effect is awesome. Blur Mosaic and Old film are very useful and interesting. But some more effects and edit functions (such as watermark, headlines…) will be better.

All in all, the Apple Video Converter Factory Pro is a nice converter. Just try it!

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