Apple’s new generation of 11.6-inch MacBook Air and iPod touch

With all the talk of recalls and reception issues with the iPhone 4 filling the news,A new Apple rumor has surfaced for those needing a steady diet of rumors. It is reported that Apple is gearing up to launch a new generation of 11.6-inch MacBook Air and iPod touch in the second half of 2010.

The 11.6-inch new MacBook Air will feature an even lighter design than the previous-generation models and the technologies used for the design and concept are expected to be broadly used in the company’s other product lines to boost their competitiveness.
MacBook Air is featuring an 11.6-inch display and the Intel Core i-series ultra-low voltage processor.Also in the works
is a new, video-capable iPod touch boasting a 3-megapixel camera for both photo and video recording and Apple’s new speedy A4 processor,which is also used in the iPhone 4.

11.6-inch MacBook Air and new iPod touch

Shipment volumes of the new 11.6-inch MacBook are expected to reach only 400,000 units in 2010,restricted in time and production capacity.New iPod touch shipments are expected to reach 17-18 million units in 2010.I am a bit looking forward to the new Macbooks and iPod Touch.