Ashampoo HDD Control Free Serial License Key

Ashampoo HDD Control is a complete hard disk solution that includes a rich set tools to allow users easily monitor and maintain their hard drive  and ensure optimal performance. This tool normally cost $24.99 and has a 40-day trial period, but now every one can grab Ashampoo HDD Control Serial License Key for free.

The hard drive is one of the most important components of your computer. Even if a hard drive works perfectly, it should still be checked and maintained regularly so that an imminent hard drive failure can be detected early and might be prevented. Otherwise, if suddenly major problems occur or if your hard drive even completely fails,  this is more than just a minor inconvenience as data loss might be the result. Ashampoo HDD Control can make sure you are prepared for such a situation.

Ashampoo HDD Control provides a powerful utility program that will please most users by offering a large range of features not only for the maintenance but also for the monitoring of hard drives installed in their computers. The program supports all commonly available IDE and serial ATA drives. Based on the type of drive in use, Ashampoo HDD Control provides the user with all important facts and information, including the drive serial number, firmware version, cache size, number of configured partitions, drive space and current temperature. In addition to checking your hard disk’s health, Ashampoo HDD Control gives you several useful disk tools, including  a defragmenter, a benchmarking tool as well as a drive cleaner and an Internet files cleaner.

Ashampoo HDD Control

Ashampoo HDD Control Software Highlights

  • Constant monitoring of your hard drive(s) (also for multi-user systems)
  • Extended user interface with extensive hints and information on health, performance and temperature of the hard drive(s)
  • Significantly extended support for external USB hard drives and solid state drives (SSDs)
  • Support of S.M.A.R.T self-test (if supported by the hard drive)
  • Adjustment of the noise level and power management of your hard drive(s) (if supported by the hard drive)
  • Data recovery – recovering deleted files and folders
  • Fully automatic, “proactive” defragmentation of the hard drive(s)
  • Online retrieval of achieved benchmark results of your hard drive model(s)

How to download Ashampoo HDD Control Free Serial License Key?

Updated [October 7, 2013]:

The old promo for Ashampoo HDD Control has expired. But we have found another new promo for this software. This time, you can get Ashampoo HDD Control 2.10 for free.

1, Visit Ashampoo HDD Control 2.10 Registration Page here or here, enter your valid e-mail address and click on the “Request full version key” button.

Ashampoo HDD Control 2

Please note: in addition to registering for the free license key, you are also opting in to receive Ashampoo “service letters”. They will send you a nagging email every now and then asking you to upgrade to their latest version down the track (which I normally sent to my trash as soon as I got it). Although you can opt-out of letters after you register via MyAshampoo, it is better not to use your common-mail.

2, Existing Ashampoo users will be asked to login. Login to your account to receive your license key. If you are a new user, you will receive an email with a confirmation link.  Click on that link. You will then be asked to complete your profile, click “Not Now”. The free license key will be displayed.

3, Download Ashampoo HDD Control 2.10: ashampoo_hdd_control_2_2.1.0_14208.exe  [17.8 MB].

4, Install and use the serial license key you received to unlock full version Ashampoo HDD Control 2.10. Take note that during installation, Ashampoo HDD Control 2.10 tries to download and install “Advanced Driver Updater”. If this doesn’t suit you then choose “No, thank you” option when you’re asked before proceeding further to avoid installing the unrelated program.

Ashampoo Photo Commander 10 Installation

Here is the proof:

Ashampoo HDD Control 2 Free Full Version

This offer won’t last long. Hurry up and get to know the all-rounder for monitoring, maintenance and defragmentation, and check the health status and performance of your hard drive(s) today!