Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3 Free Download License Key

Over time, hard drives get fragmented due to half-hearted maintenance, which makes using your computer, and doing everything you want, much slower than it should be. This is where Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3 steps in. The program runs as a background service and defragments your hard drive only when computer is idle, hence enabling you to follow your everyday work routine without any distraction. Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3’s background service also defrags your hard drives on a regular basis and protects them from ever getting fragmented again!

Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3

Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3 is designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. It basically runs on the principle “install and forget”, and yet also offers an extensive set of options. The program’s Job Administration provides you with multiple defrag jobs that can each be configured individually and a job scheduler offering editable time settings for each job.  With Defrag Now you can simply start a non-stop defragmentation with just one mouse click, whenever you want. The Defrag Now mode is especially recommended when executing Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3 for the first time after installation due to potentially high degree of volume fragmentation. Afterwards the background defragmentation protects your hard drives from getting fragmented again.

Another program feature is the SSD protection that hinders the software from involving SSDs in the defragmentation process. Due to their specific design, SSDs do not need to be defragmented and wear out much faster if you continue to do defragment them anyway. The integrated Screensaver allows you to keep track of the defragmentation progress even while taking a brake and comes with different designs that bring life to an otherwise purely technical process. You can also opt to show weekly statistics, which provides quantitative information about the amount of defragmented and moved files during the last week and since installation.

Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3 Free Download License Key

Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3 normally charges $14.99 per serial number / license key. But as part of the promo offer, everyone can get Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3 full version serial key for totally free! It doesn’t say for how long the giveaway is going to last, which means it’s probably best to grab the goods while the offer is still live.

1, Visit the registration page here, and enter your e-mail address.  If you are an existing Ashampoo user, you will be asked to login to your account, where your free license key will be displayed. If you are a new user, you need to register to receive your free license key.

Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3 Giveaway

Please note: in addition to registering for the free license key, you are also opting in to receive Ashampoo “service letters”. They will send you a nagging email every now and then asking you to upgrade to their latest version down the track (which I normally sent to my trash as soon as I got it). Although you can opt-out of letters after you register via MyAshampoo, it is better not to use your common-mail.

2, Download Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3: ashampoo_magical_defrag_3_3.0.2_14460.exe [14.3 MB] and install it.

3, Active full version Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3 with license key received in step 1.

Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3 Full Version

Done, enjoy your free full version Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3!