Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2018 Free Full Version Serial Key

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2018 is the perfect tool for the wow effect in your photos – quite simple, entirely comfortable and easy to use even for inexperienced users. No annoying adjustment of tonal values or gamma corrections. No manual determining of white balance values or unsatisfactory back and forth of color, contrast and brightness controls…no! Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2018 optimizes and polishes your photos to high gloss with just one click. The results are so brilliant, clear and so colorful that one might think that your photos were edited by a specialist with image processing software.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2018

The Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2018 combines a modern and clear program interface, which is already prepared for the touch screen controls of the latest monitors and laptops, with intuitive usage and a thought-out range of 1-click functions that users need to make the best out of their photos – red eye correction, several effects, watermarking, color correction, one click optimization, rotate, mirror, age images and lots more. The result of an optimization or an effect can be comfortably viewed and compared to the original picture in a before / after split screen. If you don’t like an automatic optimization, you can do a manual color correction with the help of slide controls. Let the program for example age your image and experience the fascination of old photo in your latest pictures. If you don’t want others to boast themselves with your photos, just use a text or a symbol as watermark for your pictures. This makes a lot of sense especially with photos that you would like to post on the Internet. The photo optimizer will help there, too.

And more, should you decide to use batch mode, all pictures in the same directory are being optimized automatically with just one click. This method saves a lot of work and precious time. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer also features automatic backup that allows you to restore the original version of the image, even days or weeks later after you edit the original copy. Unlike as with previous versions, in Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2018, the Backup database folder is customizable.

Photo Optimizer 2018 is in fact a stripped down version of the company’s commercial photo fixing tool, Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6. But this does not mean in any way that it is useless or obsolete. It has all the core photo fixing and optimizing tools you need. And various 1-click settings and the intuitive menu structure make this program ideal for beginners.

Photo Optimizer 2018 Key Features:

  • Use 1-click image optimization
  • Cut out image elements
  • Resize images
  • Watermark images
  • Adjust brightness / contrast / color / saturation / gamma settings
  • Rotate and mirror images
  • Remove red eyes
  • Apply image aging effect
  • Apply color effects
  • Sharpen or blur images
  • Batch-optimize and edit photos
  • Apply median effect
  • Reduce image noise

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2018 Free Full Version Serial Number /License Key

To grab Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2016 full version for free:

1. Visit the Promo Page to download the giveaway installer.

2. Install it. During installation, press “Get free activation key” button to open the registration page, or you can simply visit the registration page here.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2018 Free Giveaway

3. In that webpage, enter your e-mail address to grab your free full version Serial Number / License Key. To grab your free license key, existing users will  need to log in with your password and new users will need to create a new Ashampoo account.

Please note: in addition to registering for the free license key / serial number, you are also opting in to receive Ashampoo “service letters”. They will send you a nagging email every now and then asking you to upgrade to their latest version down the track. Although you can opt-out of letters after you register via MyAshampoo, it is better not to use your common-mail.

4. Use received license key to active the software and unlock installation process.

5. Take note that Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2018 may offer to download and install unnecessary bloatware that are not related to the core functionality. If this doesn’t suit you then choose “No” option when you’re asked.

6. Done, enjoy your free full version Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2018!