Ashampoo Snap 2018 Free Full Version Serial Key

Whether for work, for school or in your spare time – create screenshots and videos in no time and fill your colleagues, classmates or friends with enthusiasm for your amazing results! Ashampoo Snap 2018 is a powerful and easy to use screen capture tool which enables you to make, edit and share snaps and videos of your screen content – quickly and easily! Ashampoo Snap 2018 allows you to easily capture whatever you see on your screen with just a few clicks – all or part of the Windows desktop, single windows, selected areas, as well as scrolling web pages, and anything else displayed on your computer’s monitor. Then you can use the editing tools to enhance the screenshot and turn it into a really attractive image.

Ashampoo Snap 2018

Apart from pictures, Ashampoo Snap 2018 also offers the possibility to produce top-quality videos and demos tailored to your needs. Capture film sequences or computer games (in a window) and save them as high-quality video files. You can also produce demos like video tutorials for software or presentations of websites. Videos and demos can be saved in different formats using various codecs. New fantastic features, like cursor and zoom effects, are available during video capture. Furthermore a recording can be paused and resumed anytime, in order to, for example, switch between applications or prepare the screen content. Of course, you are not limited to the main screen anymore, because Ashampoo Snap 2018 also supports multi-monitor environments.

Ashampoo Snap 2018 is exceptionally simple to use. The program is always ready to hand as a toolbar at the top of the screen that provides access to all functions. When you find something you want to capture, move your cursor to that toolbar to display Snap 2018’s icons and choose the type of capture you want. Or you can instead right-click the Snap 2018 icon at the System Tray and choose your capture options. After making a screenshot, an intuitive editor opens automatically and provides you with a variety of editing options that allow you to add shapes, arrows, highlighted areas add text annotations, and add special effect to your snapshots.

Completed images and videos can be emailed from within the application. Version 2018 let’s you combine multiple screenshots to visualize multi-step sequences and supports monitor resolutions up to 4k. Emailed images can now be resized automatically and the new video capture bar makes it easy to make adjustments or pause and continue video captures.

Ashampoo Snap 2018 Highlights

  • Support for multi-core processors for highest performance
  • No keyboard acrobatics required thanks to 1-click features
  • No fiddling with nested input dialogs
  • Real-time modifications with live preview
  • Revise your work through readjustable document settings
  • Multiple capture modes: Fixed area, free area, timer-based and more
  • Integrated image editor: Draw, highlight, apply artistic effects
  • Multi-format export: File, Clipboard, Printer, email, Facebook,
  • Ashampoo Webspace
  • Desktop capture bar for quick and easy access to essential features
  • Load and save PDF documents
  • 4k ready / Made for highest resolutions

Ashampoo Snap 2018  Free Full Version Serial Key

Ashampoo Snap 2018 is normally priced at $19.99 per serial number / license key.  But Ashampoo is having giveaway of this software, where everyone can download Ashampoo Snap 2018 for free. Ashampoo Snap 2018 is in fact a reduced version of Ashampoo Snap 10. It lacks some handy features like the OCR Text recognition support , Auto-insert watermarks, Capture webcam and much more.

To grab Ashampoo Snap 2018 full version for free

1. Download Ashampoo Snap 2018 installer from this link and install it.

2. During installation, press “Get free activation key” button to open the registration page, or you can simply visit the registration page here.

Ashampoo Snap 2015 Get Free Activation Key

3. In that webpage, enter your e-mail address to grab your free full version Serial Number / License Key. To grab your free license key, existing users will  need to log in with your password and new users will need to create a new Ashampoo account.

Ashampoo Snap 2018 Free Giveaway

4. Use received license key to active the software and unlock installation process.

Ashampoo Snap 2015 Activation Now

5. Take note that Ashampoo Snap 2018 may offer to download and install unnecessary bloatware that are not related to the core functionality. If this doesn’t suit you then choose “No, thank you” option when you’re asked.

6. Done, enjoy your free full version Ashampoo Snap 2018!

Updated: This is an old promo but hope it prove useful to the one who may not know abut the promo.