AthTek DigiBand Free Download 1 Year Full Version @ GOTD

AthTek DigiBand is an useful and reliable music software that provides users with a simple means of composing and personalizing music on their computer. With its user friendly interface, you have the possibility to import an existing audio file in order to improvise an accompaniment to it. The application supports almost all the instruments including bass, drum, piano and guitar. Also, it allows you to choose the type of each instrument. It has two intelligent guides which will clearly show you how to use it in your work. so even you are not so skilled in music composition, you can make your own original music with out any deliberateness.

If you are a professional composer, AthTek DigiBand isn’t a serious music composition tool but maybe it will help in finding inspirations. The program will gather many instruments, melodies and chords together to be a complete music, and maybe you will take advantages of the created music file in your composition. If you have a solo rhythm but no accompaniment to it, AthTek DigiBand can improvise an accompaniment to the solo rhythm automatically. This means when you have a solo rhythm, you would compose a music based on it by yourself. It is something like that you have a professional digital band on your computer!

AthTek DigiBand

AthTek DigiBand Key features:

  • Automatically compose music;
  • Improvise an accompaniment to existing music file;
  • Improvise an accompaniment to your humming;
  • Rich instruments supported;
  • Rich music structures supported;
  • Rich musical emotions integrated;
  • Enable improvisation-to-inspiration;
  • Intelligent guides for your quick start;
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8.


AthTek DigiBand Free Full Version Download

AthTek DigiBand is normally priced at $49.95 per serial number / license key, but you can download AthTek DigiBand 1.8 full version free and legal from Giveaway of the Day for today only ( March 14, 2015). Don’t miss it. Visit GOTD Page. Please note: the program includes a 1 year license

Please make sure to follow the instructions in the readme.txt file which is included in the package for proper activation. You have to install and activate it before the Giveaway offer for the software is over. Note: If you received a message that your key is invalid when activation, please double check the details you entered, especially making sure there are no extra spaces at the beginning or at the end of the license key.