Automatically Backup Removable Drives With USBFlashCopy

In today’s fast-paced world of ones and zeros, we should be more diligent about backing up our removable drives to avoid the risk of losing our valuable data when we damage, wash or lose them accidentally. However, manual backup of these removable drives can be a tedious, time consuming and even difficult process that most of us never get around to it. In such case, automatic backup software such as USBFlashCopy probably can be a great savior.

USBFlashCopy is a small Windows utility to back up your flash drives, storage cards and other portable storage devices on the fly. USBFlashCopy runs in the background and automatically detects when you insert a media and copies its content to to a safe location on your hard drive. By default, USBFlashCopy creates a sub-folder for each removable media in “My Documents\Removable Media Backups”, but you can define profiles to assign copy options to particular removable drives. Every time you plug a new flash drive into your computer, USBFlashCopy identifies it and ask you with a few options: New Profile, Use default profile, Never backup this media, and Enable Silent Mode, and close.

back up our removable drives with USBFlashCopy

If you click “new profile”, you’re given an array of options, like name the backup, where you want the files backed up to (Destination path),  select copy speed, and filter out file types that you don’t want to back up. You can also change default settings.  USBFlashCopy keeps its settings in an INI file, automatically created in the folder it is running from. From then on, whenever you plug that device in, USBFlashCopy will scan it and starts backing up the new files according to the filters and rules set by you.

USBFlashCopy: create new profile

USBFlashCopy is available free for non-commercial use. But for $39.99 USD you can buy a registration key for corporate use and unlock the program’s silent mode to do backup/copy silently in the background without displaying the copy process indicator. This free backup application is pretty small in size that take no more than 300KB of space and it doesn’t require any installation or registry entries to use. You can just simply download the application from this link and run the portable USBFlashCopy from any folder or drive.