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Avanquest Autosave Essentials Free Serial Number / License Key

It’s always prudent to backup everything important on your computer regularly as there is always a chance that you could lose all of your important files one day, causing you a great deal of inconvenience and distress as well as potential professional problems if the documents were related to your work. But in reality laziness are often too lazy to do so, which is where solutions like Avanquest AutoSave Essentials step in and take up the slack.

Autosave Essentials by Avanquest Software is an easy to set up, and true “set it and forget it” backup solution that can automatically backup various data on your computer. With AutoSave Essentials, you can create and run backup plans on your computer to save backup copies of your files whenever you make changes to them. AutoSave Essentials comes with automatic backup plans that can begin protecting your valuable information right after you finish installing the program. You can schedule backup plans to run at specified intervals to automatically create backups of your files, or you can run backup plans manually whenever you need to. After you set one or more AutoSave Essentials automatic backup plans, you can rest assured that your files are being protected. Note that Autosave Essentials is a a fairly basic piece of backup software, very much aimed at people with little computer knowledge, and more advanced users may find it a little shallow.

AutoSave Essentials protects all data from being permanently lost due to system crash, hardware failure, or even simple human error.

Avanquest Autosave Essentials Free Serial Number / License Key

AutoSave Essentials normally cost $39.95 per serial number / license key. As part of promotional offer, Avanquest Software is giving away full version license of AutoSave Essentials 3.52 (the latest version) for free. To grab free full version of AutoSave Essentials v3.52 legally, just follow the below steps:

1. Visit the Autosave Essentials giveaway page here, enter you name, email address, and then submit.

2. Instantly the page will display your free serial number to activate your copy of AutoSave Essentials. Your serial number will also be sent to the email address you supplied. If you have any difficulties in receiving this email, please check your SPAM filter for an email from

3. Download AutoSave Essentials 3.5 setup installer from Home Page | Direct download link. Install AutoSave Essentials v3.5, and enter the serial number to unlock the full version.

AutoSave Essentials supports Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit.

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