Avanquest Logomaker 2 Serial License Key For Free

Need an innovative and easy to use program to create your own logo? Creating and designing Logo images will be easy using Logo Maker v2. Logo Maker 2.0 is professional logo creator, designing, and editing tool which will provide you with everything you need to create a compelling, unique logo in just minutes without spending hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Avanquest Logomaker 2 aimed to help users needed to create logo of websites, blogs, companies, and personal. It provides around 500 logo templates ready for you to customize. Moreover, LogoMaker is also equipped with more than 2,500 shapes and objects to help the process of your logo creation.

Basically LogoMaker v2.0 is not free (cost $29.99), but for limited special promo giveaway by Avanquest, LogoMaker 2 full version with genuine serial License Key is now available for free. Everyone can download the commercial LogoMaker 2 full version and use it free without paying anything.

Avanquest Logomaker 2

Key Features of Avanquest  LogoMaker:

  • 3D Effect tab enables you to turn 2D shapes or text into 3D objects.
  • Light effects can be applied on each 3D object.
  • Over 1,500 professionally designed and fully modifiable logo templates categorized by industry and interest.
  • Over 6,000 objects and shapes for making logos.
  • Easy to use, drag & drop, graphical engine for image and text manipulation: scale, rotate, align, groups, layers etc.
  • Vector-based Shape editor to create and customize your own shapes.
  • Over 50 effects for object and text editing such as Shadow, Transparency, Brightness, Blur, Gradient, etc.
  • Plug-ins for adding special effects such as Jitter, Pixelate, Sharp, Water etc.

How to download Avanquest Logomaker 2 full version with Serial License Key For Free?

1, You can get the full version by visiting AvanQuest’s Avanquest Logomaker 2 promo page.

2, If you have already been a member, there is no need to login. Just enter your email address into the provided space. Otherwise you have to register free first since this free LogoMaker offer is for Avanquest member only.

Avanquest Logomaker 2 Serial

3, Once registered, you’ll see direct download link to LogoMaker 2 setup installer file. The download link is also sent to your email address. The download size is around 73MB.

Avanquest Logomaker 2 Serial License Key

The version you’ve just downloaded is the full version of LogoMaker 2. Simply download and install LogoMaker 2 full version installer file, no additional Serial License Key required.This promotion only lasts for a few days, so if you want to have this software for free you should download it now.

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