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AVAST! Software has just released the newest 7.0 version of its popular Avast! antivirus solution aim to give you the top grade protection against computer viruses and other malware threats. Avast 7.0 comes up with some new spotted features, many security improvements and support for Windows 8 beta. Besides the new installer and UI changes, Avast 7.0 final version includes new features as well as upgraded features like streaming updates from the cloud in addition to daily virus database updates, cloud based FileRep service, web-based AVAST Account portal, Remote Assistance tool,improved AutoSandbox, improved SafeZone, etc.

Avast Free Antivirus 7
As for now, you may like to have a look at all the changes and new features that Avast! 7 final includes:

  1. Antivirus and anti-spyware engine – Innovative scanning engine protects against viruses, spyware, and other malicious agents.
  2. New Streaming, real-time virus database updates – All avast! 7 users now have streaming updates from the cloud in addition to daily virus database updates. Throughout the day, AVAST streams updates to users rather than needing to wait for a traditional database update, giving them faster warnings about new malware. This supplements regular virus updates, keeping users informed and protected regardless of their internet connection.
  3. New Cloud based File reputation system – The new FileRep feature lets you know whether a file is safe before you open it – determined in part by how many people have the file and how new the file is. The technology is also used internally, to help the scanning engine make more intelligent decisions.
  4. Improved AutoSandbox – Suspicious programs are now automatically placed inside the avast! Sandbox. When the program finishes, a comprehensive report is generated and, based on the program’s behavior, you are given a recommendation on how to treat it in the future.
  5. Improved Browser Sandboxing – Enabled by a single click of the mouse, it allows you to completely isolate the browser from the rest of the system – even if the browser gets hijacked, your system stays clean.
  6. Improved WebRep – The improved WebRep browser plugin can now detect counterfeit sites. “We’ve added phishing data from our Virus Lab to user-submitted votes on site reliability to provide all users with a more complete package of information,” explained Mr. Vlcek. In addition to detecting phishing attempts, WebRep can also identify fake/planted SSL certificates used to “authenticate” malicious sites. Additionally, avast have extended browser support to Apple Safari.
  7. Improved SafeZone (Available only in Pro Antivirus and Internet Security) – The improved SafeZone, your ultimate clean and secure window for financial transactions, now auto-prompts you and moves to the SafeZone from your regular browser.
  8. New AVAST Management Portal – Your web-based AVAST Account portal is your personal directory for all your avast! related data. It allows you to track all your avast! installations, complete with their health data, status information, and useful statistics. And it’s multiplatform, allowing you to manage avast! installations on both Windows and Mac computers, as well as Android devices.
  9. New Remote Assistance – The new Remote Assistance tool lets you initiate remote support from any ‘geek’ among your friends or family who agrees to help. Initiated by you, it routes through AVAST’s servers, bypasses firewalls, and can be terminated by you at any time. You will never have to ask for help over the phone again.
  10. Boot-time scanner – Scans your computer for infections before the OS can start to activate any viruses beneath it (now applies to Windows 7 and Windows Vista).
  11. Improved Easy-to-use user interface – The avast! user interface has been optimized to be more intuitive. Novices will find it easy to use, while experts are still able to customize every aspect of the software to their individual needs.
  12. New Customizable installation – Avast! software can now be installed in Compatibility Mode, meaning that it will run perfectly along with your other antivirus software to act as a second line of defense. And even if you install avast! in normal mode, you are given the possibility to install the components you really need.
  13. Now even faster AND less resource-hungry – Independent tests showed that avast! 6 was one of the fastest and least resource-intensive antivirus products available. We made version 7 even better: this is our best-performing product ever.
  14. Windows 8 Beta compatible – avast! 7 runs great on Windows 8 and even has some cool new Windows 8 specific features, such as the Early-Load Antimalware Driver (ELAM), which snaps into the Windows 8 Secure Boot process to provide additional protection against system-level rootkits and bootkits.

Avast! Antivirus 7.0 comes in 3 flavors – Avast! Free Antivirus 7, Avast! Pro Antivirus 7 and Avast! Internet Security 7. Avast! Free Antivirus is one of the best free virus protections currently available on the market. For non-commercial and home use only, ad-supported. Avast! Pro antivirus and avast! Internet Security are the paid upgrade from the better-known Avast Free antivirus,  offers a number of additional features. As for me, Avast! Antivirus 7.0 is good enough for everyday use.

Read more and download from here:

Avast Free Antivirus 7:  Link

Avast Pro Antivirus 7:  http://www.avast.com/en-eu/pro-antivirus

Avast Internet Security 7: http://www.avast.com/en-eu/internet-security

Please note that during installation, Avast Free Antivirus 7 tries to install Google Chrome Web Browser and change your default browser, make sure to uncheck them if you don’t want to make any changes to your current setting.

Avast! Free Antivirus 7 Setup

More screenshots of Avast! Free Antivirus 7

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