AVG Internet Security 2011 Beta

Almost all antivirus company have launched beta test for their 2011 product, some even release its 2011 stable version, like panda and Kaspersky. AVG, however, remain indifferent.I’m almost lost confidence on  AVG, When I received a email saying that AVG started its AVG Internet Security 2011 Beta program. AVG truly choose the time.

There are currently  two beta test.AVG for Linux Beta  and AVG Internet Security 2011 BETA1. We mainly talk about  AVG Internet Security 2011 BETA1. AVG Internet Security 2011 brings a lot of improvements in performance, speed, detection and core usability of the product.

AVG Internet Security 2011 Beta

Because of the beta test registration agreement , It is inconvenience to public the contents of the letter.But you can enter the AVG Internet Security 2011 Beta program Here yourself (Important: 1,Please do not install this version into production environment as it is not the final release version;2, Before installing the test version, it is necessary to remove any previous version of AVG 8.x or 9.x.).If I get any new information, I will be happy to share with you in this article.

The AVG Internet Security 2011 contains the following improvements:

* Alert Manager: Implemented SMTP authentication support for Alert Manager.
* API: Updated system tray scan icon context menu.
* Anti-Rootkit: Improvements in anti-rootkit detection.
* Anti-Spam: NTLM proxy authentication supported.
* Anti-Spam: User flagged e-mails may be backreported to enhance detection.
* AvgSys: Temporary log files are deleted after restart.
* Core: Detection of the next modification of Virut has been added.
* Core: Detection of Swizzor, modification 2009-11-18.
* Core: Swizzor detection is now much more generic.
* Core: Less dangerous category of potentially unwanted programs (PUP2) supported.
* Core: Polymorphic malware detection methods have been improved and speeded up.
* Core: Speed improvement in static heuristics.
* Core: Thorough (more CPU consuming) scanning mode for elder viruses and obsolete exploits.
* Core: More flexible in algoritmic detection.
* Core: More reliable ETAP detection.
* Core: More stable on incomplete and non-standard files.
* Core: Virut definitions simplified.
* Core: Support for IMAP protocol added in Online Shield.
* Core: Added possibility to pause caching.
* E-mail Scanner: Logging support was added to The Bat plugins.
* E-mail Scanner: Adding spam information into e-mail headers in MS Outlook plug-in.
* E-mail Scanner: Added AntiSpam statistics.
* E-mail Scanner: Added support for IMAP protocol.
* Firewall: Improved Firewall area detection.
* Firewall: Redesign of Firewall Ask dialog, and Network detection dialog.
* Firewall: Firewall checks all trustworthy applications whose rules are generated by FW wizard.
* Firewall: User with limited rights cannot regenerate Firewall configuration.
* Firewall: Domain heuristics was implemented.
* Firewall: Support for MS Virtual PC, Virtual Box and RingCube products has been added to bridged networking support.
* Firewall: Removed inconsistency of active profile in Firewall component page and in Firewall settings in Emergency mode.
* General: Introducing a new PC Analyzer component providing information on the computer status.
* General: Introducing new Product Improvement Programme targeted on overall Internet security level increase.
* General: Scanning engine updates do not depend on program updates.
* General: Added scanning for attempts to enter infection into system registry keys.
* Kernel: Scanning archive files for the Whole computer scan, Scheduled scan and Removable device scan was by default disabled.
* Kernel: Scheduled scans run in new sensitive mode by default.
* Kernel: Anti-Rootkit component is now available for free products.
* Kernel: IDP is now available for all AVG clients.
* Kernel: Created new library to replace AVG API in e-mail clients.
* Kernel: Added IMAP protocol support.
* Kernel: Added new /log parameter.
* Language: Added localization into European Spanish language.
* Online Shield: Simplified configuration options of the Online Shield component.
* Online Shield: Fixed conflict with WhiteSmoke Writer.
* Outlook: New MS Outlook plug-in implemented.
* Outlook: MS Outlook plug-in is now able to report misclassified spam.
* Outlook: RTF certification works in all Outlook versions.
* Resident Shield: Fixed problem with occasional blocked deletion of files.
* Resident Shield: Fixed issue with specification of files to be excluded from RS scanning.
* Safe-Search: Improved accuracy of Safe Search verdicts.
* Safe-Search: Added support for bing.net and bing.search.daum.net.
* Safe-Surf: Scanning performance improvements.
* Safe-Surf: Add link checking support when sending messages in Facebook and MySpace.
* Scheduler: By default, the Whole computer scan is now disabled.
* Setup: New structure and visual style was implemented for the installation process.
* Setup: MSI setup has been implemented.
* Setup: Increased compatibility with Citrix systems.
* Setup: Log file path can now be set via LoggerPath command line parameter.
* Setup: OS restart is forced even when the workstation is locked (silent mode).
* Setup: AVG 8/AVG 9 will be uninstalled before AVG 10 installation.
* Toolbar: New version of Toolbar implemented.
* Update: MSI technology implemented to apply program updates.
* Update: Update files are internally signed by AVG certificate.
* Update: Added support of IPv6.
* User Interface: Introducing a new graphic style of AVG brand logo.
* User Interface: AVG 2011 comes with a new modern and easy to navigate visual style, and rearrangements in UI structure of several dialogs.
* User Interface: Added option to start computer scan from main UI.
* User Interface: Implemented new AVG Windows sidebar gadget.
* User Interface: Added possibility of immediate repair of any component error status using Fix all button accessible from the main UI.
* User Interface: Added offer to scan whole computer after installation.
* User Interface: Add sound notification for start/stop update.

Please note, as it is still in beta 1 test,some of the features might not be fully functional.

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