AVG LiveKive Offers 5 GB Free Secure Cloud Storage as Dropbox Alternative

AVG Technologies, company that specializes in providing antivirus and internet security protection to home and business users, announced a new cloud based storage solution called LiveKive in February and promised that a beta would soon follow. The beta codenamed as AVG AirSpace has just started and everyone who participates gets 5 Gigabytes of free online storage for a year.

AVG LiveKive is a free, cloud-based storage solution that offers users a completely new approach to safeguarding their most valuable information. AVG LiveKive is considered as alternate to Dropbox. It provides simple, safe and reliable storage that makes the process of archiving and sharing content as intuitive and secure as keeping money in a bank.

AVG LiveKive Offers 5 GB Free Secure Cloud Storage as Dropbox alternative

By LiveKiving their files, users can take advantage of 5 free gigabytes of leading-class secure storage as well as automatically backs up all of your content online, allowing you to sync, access, or share anything from anywhere. Moreover, AVG LiveKiveĀ“s ease of use transforms the perception of archiving from a cumbersome, memory-intensive process into a quick, efficient and natural method of guarding relevant information and content.

Interested users need to register a free account over at the beta signup page after filling out a brief survey about online backups and a registration form. The software client is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. AVG also plans to release clients for Mac OS X, Android and iOS devices; there’s no mention of Linux.