Avira Secure Backup: 5GB Secure Cloud Storage Space For Free

Avira Secure Backup is a simple and reliable online backup solution which combine the flexibility of cloud storage systems with the security of traditional offline backup methods. With Avira Secure Backup, easily backup all your files or only the ones that you want to the remote server. These files can be up to 3GB in size but are limited to 200 MB by default. Once uploaded, your files remain available no matter what. So even if disaster strikes, your backed up folders are preserved. You can view and work on your files from anywhere, at any time, from any Internet-connected device, whether it be PC, Mac,iphones, ipads or Android devices. Plus, easily share large files, videos, photos and more with your friends & family by generating and sharing just one link. The end result? You save lots of time, make your life much easier and ensure you never have to send yourself an email again!

Avira Secure Backup utilizes the most advanced security technology to guarantee that your files are saved in the most secure way possible. All communication with the Avira Secure Backup server goes through an encrypted SSL channel, the same used by banking institutions and the files are made anonymous in three stages, making it impossible for others to retrace it to the original owner. In addition, as all your files are encrypted, no one can access them without your password.

Avira Secure Backup

Avira Secure Backup Key Features:

  • Automatically backup your latest folders
  • Easily share large files, videos, photos and more with your friends & family.
  • Remotely access your data anytime from multiple devices
  • Encrypt your folders and protect your privacy
  • Preserve your digital life even in case of device loss, damage or theft.
  • 5GB free space right after registration, plus additional 500MB for every successful recommendation


Avira Secure Backup: 5GB Secure Cloud Storage Space For Free


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Avira Secure Backup offers 5GB free online storage space, with paid-for solutions offering up to 200 Gigabytes of online cloud storage a year. The Free Users can earn more storage space by inviting their friends. With every person that signs up, you will both get 500 MB of extra online space for free! Earn up to 10 GB of additional space with this trick!

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