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Avira Setup Creator: Create Custom Builds for Avira Antivir Personal 10 Editions

Avira Setup Creator, or ASC for short, is a is a 3rd party free  and portable application, coded with AutoIT v3, that allows you to easily create a customized build of Avira Antivir Personal version 10 in your desired language which includes latest available virus definition files from Avira server.

How to Create Customized setup for Avira with Avira Setup Creator:

1. Start Asc and choose your Antivir langage to build Avira.exe. Availlable Antivir language to Build: French,English,German,Italian,Espagnol,Russian,Japanese,Portuguese (Pt-Br), Chinese (Zh-Cn & zhtw), Korean

2. Choose your langage for using ASC.  – Asc available GUI Lang: French,English,German,Italian,Spanish,Russian,Portuguese (Pt-Br), Turk, Finnish

3. You can do a quick check on Avira server (for verifying if all needed files to download are available)

4. Choose your options (checkbox)

5. Clic on “Start” button,  ASC will then download Avira setup file, latest virus definitions from Avira server and integrates them to a single setup file which you are ready to run and install in your system.


Download Avira Setup Creator freeware from this link.

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