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Avira Version 2013 Released – Free Download

German security specialist Avira today released the final stable versions of its new 2013 consumer product line, including Avira Free Antivirus 2013 as well as the commercial alternatives Avira Antvirus Premium 2013 ($29.99), Avira Internet Security 2013 ($59.99) and Avira Internet Security Plus 2013 ($82.49). Avira new 2013 solutions build on the core functionality that has positioned Avira as the preferred antivirus provider among PC users, along with a range of new features and improvements.

The 2013 version of Avira’s Free Antivirus software adds 6 new security features making it the most comprehensive free antivirus products on the market. Avira’s premium products have 8 new features. These new features give consumers a more secure browsing experience by protecting them from Internet scams and threats, in addition to keeping their computers free of viruses and malware.

The following new features added to the Avira 2013 family of products are all designed to protect not just computer devices, but also computer users — wherever they are and whatever device they’re using:

  1. Avira Protection Cloud (Available for paid users) – Avira’s leading cloud technology identifies malware faster by uploading suspicious files for instant analysis.
  2. Browser Tracking Blocker (free uses need to install Avira’s SearchFree toolbar) – This is a toolbar widget that gives users control over their privacy while browsing the internet by blocking trackers that gather data about your browsing activity.
  3. Website Safety Advisor (free uses need to install Avira’s SearchFree toolbar ) – Protects users from scams, phishing and suspicious sites by displaying safe, low-risk or high-risk icons on the search results and any webpage they visit.
  4. Social Network Protection – Notifies parents and children of suspicious or worrisome activity on social networks (such as predators or your child being bullied online) so they can take appropriate action.
  5. Avira Android Security (This product is also available separately) – Safeguards users’ Android phones and the valuable data it holds. Users can locate it when lost, lock it and even wipe the data remotely. You can also block unwanted calls or SMS messages.
  6. Network Folder Scanning (Available for paid users) – Previously available only for Avira Professional, now Avira can scan network folders in addition to a machine’s main folders. This offers protection to a home network which share folders.
  7. Advanced AntiPhishing (Internet Security 2013 & Internet Security Plus 2013) – proactively detects email phishing, which means that your identity, your accounts and your reputation are protected from the scammers no one else has caught yet!
  8. System Speedup (Available for Internet Security Plus 2013 ) – Maximum protection. A fast PC. It only takes a click to eliminate unnecessary data, silence error messages and organize your system. Finally unleash the fast performance you didn’t know your PC had! )
  9. More Frequent Updates for Free Users – Avira Free Antivirus now updates every 6 hours instead of every 24 hours, giving users more current protection.
  10. No Advertising Pop-ups for Avira Free AntiVirus Users – Users who install Avira’s SearchFree toolbar will no longer have pop-up ads displayed to them. The SearchFree toolbar includes Browser Tracking Blocker and Website Safety. As always Avira’s paid products are without advertising, independent of toolbar installation.

One of the additional services introduced with the Avira 2013 product suite – and totally unique to the antivirus industry — is Experts Market, an online community where computer geeks can hire out their services to assist other users worldwide with any computer problems they may have. Avira is recruiting experts for the marketplace in advance of a full consumer launch next month.

Free Download Avira Version 2013 [Online and Offline installer, User Manual]



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If you’re interested then you may download Avira new 2013 solutions from the direct download links given below:

Please note that during installation, Avira Free Antivirus 2013 includes an offer to install Avira Web Protection together with the Avira SearchFree Toolbar and the Avira SearchFree Updater, and to make it your default search provider, and to make Avira SearchFree ( the browser homepage and the new tab page of the browser. If you do not want any changes to be applied to your system, you are advised to deselect components you don’t need.

And for Mac uses, you may also like to check out Avira Free Mac Security.

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