Backup And Restore Email In Gmail Account With Gmail Backup Freeware

Have you ever lost any email from your Gmail account? Although, that is seldom happen as Google probably has multiple back of your inbox on multiple hard drives, but you can never tell when disaster strikes. In fact, Gmail encountered a fatal error and more than 150 000 Gmail accounts were lost temporarily just last month. Of course, Google had resolved the problem and all accounts had been restored, but the incident is sufficient to alert Gmail users that they should consider backup the email frequently if their mail is critical.

Why you should Backup Gmail?

  • You may loss your email data!
  • You may delete important emails by mistake
  • You may forget your password
  • Your account may even got hacked
  • Gmail service may be unavailable temporary

If you use email clients to read Gmail mails on your computer, you already have a backup of your account. If not, you may consider using Gmail Backup. Gmail backup is a One-click lightweight Gmail backup & restore tool specifically designed for Gmail and Google Apps email users. It will backup all the mail including the mail information such as attached labels including attachments, date, from and etc. It using the Gmail built in IMAP capability to backup the email and save the messages in standard e-mail formats which allow restoring to other mail client such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook etc. With the GMail backup tool you can also migrate your GMail account, by doing the backup of your existing account, then restoring the saved content into the new mailbox.

Backup And Restore Email In Gmail Account With Gmail Backup Freeware

Backup and Restore Gmail accounts With Gmail Backup

The Gmail Backup freeware is available in two version which are Windows version and Linux version. The Windows version comes with a user friendly interface. Just supply your email ID, password, and set a date range or choose new emails to download. After that, click on Backup button to start perform the backup. While, the Linux version is in command line only.

Gmail Backup can also do incremental backups, meaning you don’t have to download the entire inbox every time you run the application. It will check your backup folder and download only the newer mails. The application also offers restoring of mail items, and if, god forbid, your gmail inbox disappears someday you can specify the folder where mail items are stored and click Restore button to restore all your mails.

The Gmail Backup is a freeware and available to download from


  • This program should really backup SENT mail also, not just received mail.
  • It does not support Unicode.
  • We really need a tool like this, and this product seems to work as advertised for me. However, I am a little concerned with a third-party freeware app, so hope google would take it over and maintain it themself.
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