BackupSF Serial Number For Free – MySql & FTP Website Backup Software

Sure, you’re quite diligent about backing up your critical data at home, but what about your website? While your hosting providers may offer a backup option for your site but, as it happens, this kind of backup is very often incomplete and outdated or it quickly occupies the space the hosting provider allocates for your site. Besides, this backup may be permanently lost together with your website if there are any problems with the hard drive it is stored on. If your website is suspended by your hosting provider (maybe because someone hacked your website and it has been distributing malware or you have simply violated the TOS by accident), the hosting provider will not let you have the backup copy.

BackupSF - MySql & FTP Website Backup Software

BackupSF is a MySql & FTP Website Backup Software lets you back up critical website files and databases to non-host locations, enabling quick recovery in the event of the host’s server failure, infection, or corruption. To make it as safe as possible, you can even create an account at Dropbox, SugarSync or a similar service and specify the synchronization folder as the backup storage in BackupSF. This way, as soon as BackupSF creates a backup copy, it will be uploaded to the cloud. This approach makes your data truly immortal.

BackupSF Serial Number For Free

BackupSF is now available as a giveaway on BitsDujour. The giveaway is valid for 24 hours only, so if you are interested, hurry up to grab your free copy: Giveaway Link. The giveaway version is the “light version” that only allows to back up 5 websites via ftp and 5 MySql databases. This version is not feasible for large websites either, because it does not compress files but downloads one by one instead.

Updated: The old promo has expired but I find another new time limited free giveaway for this software. This time it is BackupSF Pro, not the light version, available for free: you can download BackupSF Pro full version free and legal from Giveaway of the Day for today only (September 8, 2012). Don’t miss it. Visit GOTD Page.