Best free backup and restore software Alternatives to Norton Ghost

Disk Imaging has rapidly become a must have tool for most users because of its speed,convenience, and altogether ease of use.It is used to create an image of the entire partition when the machine is in a clean state. With this image then, one can always restore back to it should the need ever arise.

With the release of Windows 7,Windows Backup and Restore application  has the ability to create disk images now.I have tested it and find it is a solid and simple solution to drive imaging.However,I myself do not use the built in backup because it does not have all of the features and extras that I require,the first thing I do is disable System Restore after installing Windows.Norton Ghost is surely one of the best,but it cost as much as $69.99,which is a lot of money.

However, here are a few freeware imaging tools which you may try out.It was very hard to choose a top pick for this category.Don’t worry I have pick up it for you.

1,I chose to award the new Paragon Backup and Recovery Free edition the top pick. As it is very easy to use for everyone and reliable,although the free version of this program is lacking some features.

Paragon Backup and Recovery Free    Rating 9 of 10  Gizmo's Top Pick

Pros   Fast backup and restore, differential backups, basic partitioning capabilities, can restore individual files, cyclic backup, good compression options, can clone hard drives.

Cons   Some compatibility problems with Linux recovery media, program requires registration for download.

Developer Home Page

Download link

File Size   102.84 MB   Version 10.1   License Type Restricted Freeware (full commercial version available)

Installation Requirements All Windows 64 Bit version available   64 Bit version available

Backup and Recovery 10.1 has some notable extras over some other free programs such as the ability to carry out some very basic partition editing. It was very fast in creating an image of an 8 GB partition, taking just over nine minutes and creating an image that was just over half the size of the partition with the default option for compression. It is the only program that I reviewed with the option to create differential backups which will save a lot of time and space by backing up only the changes that have occurred since a full image was created. The application also has a Linux based bootable CD that you can build in case something happens and your computer will not boot. It can schedule predefined backups to run automatically and the program also gives you the option to password protect your backup archives. Overall Paragon Backup and Recovery Free is a reliable program with some great features that is well suited to handle the needs of most users.

2,Recently I got to know another disk cloning software which is FREE from EASEUS called Todo Backup.I pick it as my My second choice.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free, as the world’s first all-in-one backup & system disaster recovery software, is hard disk image, file backup, disaster recovery and disk clone freeware for home users to full protect system and data in case of accident file deletion, virus attack, and hardware failure. What’s more, there is no need for rebooting system after program installed.

New Highlights of EaseUS Todo Backup Free: System Backup and Recovery, including the OS and installed applications. File and folder backup and recovery. Differential/Incremental Backup to save time and disk space. Backup Schedule for automatic system & data backup. Automatically delete/overwrite old images. Backup options: image split, image compression, set priority, set password, e-mail notification. Clone or transfer hard disk to another. Explore Image files.