Best Microsoft Office Alternative Free: Kingsoft Office 2010 1 Year Serial Number

It’s no secret that Microsoft dominates office suite market, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to go. From open-source software to Web-based applications, there are so many free alternatives to Microsoft Office. Kingsoft Office is one such designed with the familiar Microsoft Office 2003 user interface and functionality. It is considered as Best Alternative to Microsoft Office With Low Price.

Kingsoft Office 2010 normally costs around $70, But now, there is a Computer Shopper Magazine promo, which provides 1 year (365 days) Kingsoft Office 2010 Serial Number for Free. It’s a wonder anyone pays hundreds of dollars for a word processor, spreadsheet, or presentation program anymore.

Kingsoft Office 2010

Kingsoft Office 2010 is one complete office productivity suite which contains three essential office applications: Kingsoft Writer (Microsoft Word alternative), Kingsoft Presentation(Microsoft Powerpoint alternative) and Kingsoft Spreadsheets(Microsoft Excel alternative) – all with a familiar interface with Microsoft Office and user-friendly functions.You will be surprised that many features work EXACTLY the same way as Microsoft Office. Thus, Switching from Microsoft Office to Kingsoft Office requires no re-training.

Microsoft Office Alternative Free

Kingsoft Office 2010 offers a robust set of features for you to create professional documents. With its strong compatibility with a variety of file formats, Kingsoft Office 2010 is the best alternative to Microsoft Office. Even the latest Microsoft Office 2007 / 2010 documents (.DOCX), spreadsheets (.XLSX) and presentations (.PPTX) can be opened in Kingsoft Office 2010. Export to Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) directly from any application. Convert documents, spreadsheets and presentations into this widely accepted format for quick and easy online distribution.

With a download size of less than 60MB, Kingsoft Office 2010 is the smallest and fastest Microsoft Office alternative on the market. By using relatively lesser memory for your basic office functions, Kingsoft Office 2010 help keep your computer in the best condition even if you’re working with slightly older equipment than you’d prefer. Moreover, when you can get a 1 Year Full Functionality License key for Free then there’s hesitation!

How to get Kingsoft Office 2010 1 Year Serial Number key for free?

Normally, you get only 90 days Trial when you download it from official website. But with this Special Serial number provided by the Computer Shopper Magazine promo, you can extend trial period free up to 1 year (365 days)!

Download: Kingsoft Office 2010 (works with Windows 7, Vista , XP and win 2000 operating systems)

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