BitDefender TrafficLight: Cross-browser Anti-virus, Anti-phishing Add-on

BitDefender TrafficLight is a small, unobtrusive browser add-on which filters web traffic and blocks access to web pages which contain malware or phishing attempts in real-time. The plugin can be used alongside any other installed antivirus solution, especially free antivirus without a web guard, to provide maximum web protection without inducing speed penalties or system resource consumption, and is ready for action after installing; no additional configuring required. In fact it utilizes the anonymous data received from other users in the cloud to detect potentially dangerous websites.

TrafficLight works automaticallyin the background and doesn’t add a toolbar to your already-cluttered browser interface. The only indication that it is running is an inconspicuous little tag dropping down from the browser toolbar at the top of the page that you can click to display its analysis of the current page. And then you can click a few more buttons to bring up options. The configuration screen, for example, allows you to enable and disable certain parts of the program.

Like many such tools, TrafficLight relies on intelligence provided by BitDefender Cloud services to flag links in popular search engines including Google, bing, and yahoo, and social networking sites with icons that indicate whether each link is safe (Green), dangerous (red), or iffy (Yellow).

BitDefender TrafficLight: Cross-browser Anti-virus, Anti-phishing Add-on

When malicious activity is detected, Traffic Light will spring into action and prevent the offending code from executing. One big advantage is that TrafficLight works at the page level, not the site level. So it can block a hacked or otherwise dangerous page on a Web site while leaving the safe portions of that site accessible.

BitDefender TrafficLight - Alert pageBitDefender TrafficLight Key functions:

  • Advanced Phishing Filter – prevents you from accessing websites used for phishing attacks.
  • Antivirus web filter – blocks any malware you come in contact with while browsing the Internet.
  • Search result analyzer – provides advance warning of risky websites within your search results
  • URL Shortening – shrink and check links for viruses and spyware using
  • Antifraud filter – not functioning at the moment.

BitDefender TrafficLight Key Features:

  • Cross – Browser: Unlinke G Data CloudSecurity and many other anti-phishing tools by third-parties that are available only for Windows and selected browsers, TrafficLight works across all major Operating systems – Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and all major browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
  • Proactive: TrafficLight intercepts and scans web traffic before it even reaches the browser, effectively blocking disguised or stealth attacks before it’s too late.
  • Real Time: TrafficLight scans the pages you visit for malware and phishing attempts each and every time you access them to avoid the threat of legitimate but recently compromised websites.
  • Precise: TrafficLight won’t block an entire website if just some pages within are malicious. Only the potentially harmful elements are blocked, leaving you free to view the rest of the site if you so choose.
  • Search and Social-safe: TrafficLight relies on intelligence provided by BitDefender Cloud services to flag malware and phishing attempts in search results from Google or Bing. Not only that, but it also checks links in popular social network platforms and blocks them if they are suspect.
  • Unintrusive: TrafficLight does not add a toolbar to your already-cluttered browser interface. Its interface remains invisible until your input is needed or it’s called up with a simple mouse gesture.

The TrafficLight extensions work with any operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X), but are somewhat restricted in functionality and (of course) choice of browser (Despite the cross-browser claim, TrafficLight fails to work properly with Opera):

BitDefender TrafficLight Key functions

Download free TrafficLight at: BitDefender