Boost Your Internet Speed With BP Internet Optimizer

Did you know you can increase your Internet access speed even faster than it already is without spending any money? what majority of computer users are not aware of is that they do not actually utilize the entire connection bandwidth they are paying for primarily because either the Operating System or the Web browser is limiting the connection speed that is being consumed.

A sluggish Internet connection is not just an inconvenience, but a productivity issue.Do you want to Boost your internet connection? You may want to check out BP Internet Optimizer. It is a freeware portable app that can help you make your Internet speed faster to get the most out of your Internet connection and make the most with your time.

Boost Your Internet Speed with BP Internet Optimizer

BP Internet Optimizer is a Web Accelerator product that can help you optimize your Internet connection, according to the devices you use today.. This software works by changing the important parameters in the configuration of the TCP / IP, such as MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) , RWIN (TCP Window Recieve) , as well as several other important parameter, whose value has been adjusted to the type and device data transfer speed of internet connection.

How to use the BP Internet Optimizer is quite easy, only requires 3 times the click of a mouse. First, you specify the type or method of your Internet connection, for example through a cellular network connection (phone or modem). Second: determine the speed of your device data transfers, such as HSDPA ( 3.5G) for 3.5G mobile phone or modem technology. Third: you click the Optimize button, then this software will determine the value of the parameters of the TCP / IP that matches the specifications of your Internet connection, and then apply it. In addition, for the configuration giving effects you should restart the computer before doing an Internet connection.

Download BP Internet Optimizer on Softpedia. Best to always create a system restore point before any changes!

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