BullGuard Mobile Backup 12 Free 1 Year License Key

Bullguard, one of the fastest growing internet and mobile security brands, now in cooperation with “What Mobile”, is giving away 1000 license keys of BullGuard Mobile Backup 12 for free, first come, first served. Each license key comes with a full one-year subscription, courtesy of BullGuard.This is a very limited offer only first 1000 people can grab a free license key, so hurry up!

About BullGuard Mobile Backup 12

As consumers increasingly rely on smartphones for every-day activities and stay digitally connected with friends, these devices have become real hubs for a wide range of personal data, photos, files, music and so much more. But convenient and handy as they may be, smartphones are very vulnerable to loss, theft and damage – and the same goes for all the digital items stored inside them. The solution to these threats? Mobile Backup! It’s not just another security service, but a real need for anyone using a smartphone. And we’re keen to fulfill it.

BullGuard Mobile Backup 12

BullGuard Mobile Backup 12 offers comprehensive backup of the phone, with an impressive list of mobile backup features. Whether your smartphone runs on Android, Symbian or iPhone you can fully enjoy:

  1. The most extensive phone backup and restore solution on the market (up to 15 GB of online backup or local backup) – from contacts, SIM contacts, text messages, videos, selected files and folders, to user settings and e-mails.
  2. Online access to your backed-up items, from any device, anytime, anywhere
  3. State-of-the-art migration capabilities for an easy and quick transfer of items between phones
  4. Highly secure and easy (encrypted) transfer of mobile data and information – on-demand/automatic, effortless, and hassle-free!
  5. Mobile backup for Android, Symbian, iOS, depending on what platform smartphone owners use. Support for Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 coming soon.

BullGuard Mobile Backup 12 Free 1 Year License Key

To help you enjoy greater mobile security on your Android, iOS and Symbian devices, WhatMobile.net has teamed up with BullGuard to give 1000 copies of BullGuard Mobile Backup 12 software away to its readers. Act quickly as this offer is first come, first served.

BullGuard Mobile Backup 12 Free License Key Giveaway

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