CamCard Business Card Reader Free Full Version Download [iPhone / Android]

Don’t know how to deal with bunches of cards in hand? Just take a look at CamCard. CamCard is a business cards reader and manager app with high recognition accuracy and fastest recognition speed. Simply take a picture of a business card, CamCard accurately recognizes the contact information and saves the details instantly to your phone contacts list and other email accounts. No more need for keeping all the paper business cards!

CamCard also does a great job in managing card information. It offers many unique ways to facilitate the management. Card information will be saved in Card Holder after shooting, and it is here that real magic happens. Just after a few easy clicks, you will be able to categorize cards into groups, share information via SMS, E-mail or export to Excel files, introduce friends to others, add password to protect your privacy, and much more your ‘ve probably never imagined.

CamCard Business Card Reader

CamCard new version has also added the Cloud synchronization feature, which is yet another great stride for CamCard. Simply create an account and all the card information will be synchronized across multiple platforms automatically, ensuring that users have an updated contact list wherever you go. No matter which brand you choose, iOS or android, no need to manually input again, The synchronized information associated with that account will just show up on your new phone. What’s more, with launched, card data can be restored back to any time within 30 days. Now, it is really true that all your cards will be with you

CamCard Business Card Reader Free Full Version Download

CamCard business cards reader app is normally priced at $2.99 for iOS and $11.99 for Android devices. But Camcard is having a 50 million users giveaway. You just need to sign up CamCard to get the full version for free. It doesn’t say how long this offer will stay free, so if you’re interested get it now before it’s too late.

1, Visit giveaway page, and sign up via email or phone number. Existing users just need to sign in to get full version.

CamCard Free Full Version Download

2, An email containing the account activation link will be sent to your email. Click on the activation link to activate your account.  Following and sharing on social networking services (Twitter, Facebook, Google +) is not needed!

3, Visit iTunes app store [iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, iOS 5.0 or later.] or Google Play Store [Android 2.0 and Up] to download the free version of CamCard app and install into phone. You may notice this app is a limited free version (You can tell by the “Free” label in the top left of the app).

3, Click sign up button, then enter in register email address and password that you created in step 1. The FREE label will disappear after log in. Now you have CamCard for iPhone and Android in business full version.