CintaNotes Pro Free Full Version Serial Key

CintaNotes is a lightweight and user-friendly Windows application for taking and managing notes. It is your indispensable assistant in the daily task of collecting and organizing numerous pieces of information, whatever they may be: your own thoughts and ideas, book and article excerpts, job postings, quotes from famous people, research data, curious facts, Wikipedia definitions, important news, you name it. You can easily synchronize notes across all of your PCs and devices using built-in Simplenote synchronization support. There is also a portable version you can put on a USB flash drive and use anywhere.

CintaNotes Pro

CintaNotes lets you quickly jot down and tag any piece of useful information that you come across while providing a source link to the original information – just select the text and press the hotkey (CTRL-F12 by default). With CintaNotes, this is really all it takes to make a note! And unlike browser-based tools like Google Notebook or Firefox plug-ins, CintaNotes does not require a web browser to work – it works with Microsoft Word, Outlook, Adobe Acrobat – the “text-capturing magic” works with all applications that can copy text to clipboard! You can also enter notes manually, which is great if you want to write down some brilliant ideas of your own.

Retrieving information is also trivial. By default, CintaNotes displays all notes which are in the notebook, organized in an easily navigable list. You can enter a search query to limit the display to the notes satisfying the query – only notes which contain the text you type will remain in the list. More sophisticated search criteria are also supported, like searching by title or by URL the note was taken from.

CintaNotes Pro Key Features:

  • Clipping text on hotkey
  • Fast as-you-type search
  • Tags and tag operations
  • Configurable system-wide hotkeys
  • Basic text formatting
  • Automatic backup
  • Multiple notebooks
  • Tabbed sections
  • Hierarchic tags
  • Linking notes with each other
  • Global note links
  • Simplenote synchronization
  • Export notes to TXT , XML, and HTML
  • Pasting notes into other applications


CintaNotes Pro Free Full Version Serial Key

CintaNotes Pro is normally priced at $39 per serial number / license key. But are having a giveaway of CintaNotes Pro 2.8.5, where everyone can download a full version copy for free. The giveaway will be valid for a limited time only.

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Download CintaNotes PRO: CintaNotes PRO 2.8.5 | Portable Version. Install and active full version with received serial key. Please note that this license is limited to the current version of CintaNotes (no free updates), and doesn’t include technical support.