CloudBerry Explorer for Nirvanix Storage Free License Key

Enterprise-level cloud storage service provider Nirvanix has informed its customers and partners that it will shutdown its cloud at the end of the month, giving only a few days to its customers for transferring their data out. That can become a complicated task to move off a big amount of data in such a short amount of time.

Fortunately, CloudBerry Lab understands the challenge Nirvanix customers face and announces a giveaway of its CloudBerry Explorer for Nirvanix application. CloudBerry Explorer for Nirvanix is an easy-to-use file manager designed for Nirvanix Storage. By providing a user interface to Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network accounts, and files, CloudBerry lets you easily move data from Nirvanix cloud storage to any local storage and then upload it to any other cloud or local storage.

CloudBerry Explorer for Nirvanix Storage

CloudBerry Explorer for Nirvanix Storage Main features:

  • Register and connect to any number of Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network applications
  • Work with any number of Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network accounts simultaneously
  • Create, browse, and delete Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network files
  • Create, browse, and delete folders
  • Copy and move files between Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network and your local computer
  • View files properties
  • Create / Edit / Delete Child Account
  • Set Limits (bandwidth: upload / download, quota etc)
  • Create / Delete / Rename folder
  • Create Shares
  • Copy/Move in background
  • Copy files from Windows Explorer
  • Remember user settings


System Requirements:

  • Windows XP/2003/Vista
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network account


CloudBerry Explorer for Nirvanix Storage Free License Key

CloudBerry Explorer for Nirvanix always used to be a paid version of CloudBerry Explorer costing $49.99 for a license. Now it has been made free just to provide a little help to all those who need to save move data stored in Nirvanix.

You can request the free license key of CloudBerry Explorer for Nirvanix by filling in the short form:  Request Free License.