Coffeecup Web Image Studio Lite with 2 Graphics Packs for Free

CoffeeCup Software is giving away Coffeecup Web Image Studio Lite with 2 Graphics Packs for Free as christmas present. As per official words, Web Image Studio Lite is an application that helps you customize web graphics. Changing the color scheme of your graphics is as easy as opening the color picker and clicking the hue that best fits your design. You can add subtle changes or striking effects in just a few clicks. Release your inner poet with the text tool. It’s like your favorite notepad, but with much prettier results. You’ve got full power to add, edit, or remove text anywhere you see it in your theme graphics.

You can use any font that’s installed on your computer to make snazzy headers, labels, or entire paragraphs of text. And just like any other rich text editor, you can apply bold, italics, choose alignment, and more. Create professional-grade effects, including gradients, stroke, blur, and shadows that’ll make that image pop off the screen.

Coffeecup Web Image Studio Lite

Steps to get Coffeecup Web Image Studio Lite for Free:

1. Visit the promotion page and register for a free S-Drive account with CoffeeCup. If you have already got a S-Drive account, just login it.

2. Go to your S-Drive account, you will find the download link to Web Image Studio Lite (includes two free graphics packs) under the storage tab. Download it.

Coffeecup Web Image Studio Lite with 2 Graphics Packs free giveaway

3. The download is a ZIP file that contains three files: Web Image Studio Lite’s installer and two graphics packs. Unzip the zip file, and double-click on Web-Image-Studio-Lite-1.0.3430.exe to install Web Image Studio Lite. This is a special edition, No license key is required to register it.

Note: During installation, Coffeecup Web Image Studio Lite may restart your computer without notification.

4. After installation has finished, double-click on Holidays-Sweet_Characters.wif and Holidays-Happy_Morning.wif to install the 2 free Graphics Packs.

The giveaway is valid till Midnight EST Dec 31st,2011.