Comodo Time Machine: Easy Data Recovery and System Restore Utility

Comodo Time Machine (CTM) is a free and  powerful system rollback program which allows you to quickly restore your computers to an earlier point in time, on-demand, with a click of a button.

Comodo Time Machine (CTM) is an alternative to the Windows System Restore.The main difference between Comodo and Windows’ own snapshot system (restore points) is that  Windows System Restore just affect the registry and system settings,while Comodo rolls everything back. That means, by default, CTM ‘snapshots’ are a complete record of your entire system (including the registry, critical operating system files and user created documents).Its sort of like an un-do button for your whole computer.This is good,but  when you go back to a previous “snapshot”,you will  lose data that is create after this snapshop on the rollback if you do not explicitly exclude it.Fortunately, this is not a big problem, as  before the system rolls back Comodo takes another snapshot. you can undo even the rollback itself.

These  CTM ‘snapshots’ are very useful.For example, you installed a new, cool software. But then your computer become very very slow, even after you remove that program from your computer. What can you do?With Comodo Time Machine , you can go back to a previous “snapshot” that you scheduled it to make. Now that program is gone, and you are back to when your computer was okay.Comodo Time Machine is aslo very handy when your system is badly infected with virus, and even a software like Vipre Rescue  is not able to help you. In such cases, you can simply restore your system to the state it was in before it got infected with virus.

Comodo Time Machine Features

  •  Easy to use – even beginners can quickly create system snapshots with a few mouse clicks
  •  Provides instant and comprehensive system recovery after virus or spyware infections
  •  Instantly reclaim your machine after devastating system crashes
  •  Rollback the changes to ALL your documents – not just changes to system files and the registry
  • Boot-up console allows you to rollback even when your system will not boot to Windows
  •  Test new software and network configurations in the knowledge that you can quickly switch back if problems develop
  •  Completely remove unwanted software installations without the need to uninstall or clean the registry
  •  Flexible restore options allow you to mount and browse snapshots to recover individual files or folders
  •  Right click on any file or folder to synchronize it with a snapshot version
  •  Schedule regular system snapshots to ensure highly relevant restore points
  •  Network administrators have another way to quickly fix user or software problems
  •  Libraries, Internet cafes and other publicly shared networks can schedule a total system restore at the end of each session

After your installation, double-click on the tray icon, you’ll get this nice, simple screen:(Note that you don’t get the Quick Operation screen when using the desktop shortcut to open CTM)

comodo time machine

If you want something with more options, click “Advanced.”

Comodo Time Machine Advanced

Here is a small video tutorial from youtube member Cudgelwap1 that explains how to install, and use Comodo Time Machine to restore your system to a previous state.

In all,Comodo Time Machine provides excellent security and is fairly easy to use: it is able to do what it does seamlessly in the background and largely without user intervention.  However, it may be suitable for some situations but not others, as Some users have complained to us that they can’t boot with/without CTM (after uninstall) due to MBR errors.So we recommend that you NOT install this program without taking an image of your hard drive first. If you do not know what a disk image is then definitely stay away from this program.

If you can’t boot while installing/uninstalling CTM something gets wrong.You may try to rebuild the MBR with freeware,see HERE.The mbr problem is not common,do not worry too much.