Cut MP3 files online Free For Ringtone

There are so many reasons why you need to cut the mp3 files. You may be listening to a awesome mp3 song and the starting beats or some part of the music may attract you, so you want to cut them in order to remove the unnecessary parts; you may want to transform a song into a ringtone for mobile while nobody likes to keep a full mp3 song for their incoming call on their cellphone; or any other reason.

How to get only that part of music or beats to your cellphone as ringtone ? There are many software alternatives for cutting mp3 files, some free like Audacity, some a little bit expensive, such as Sound Forge. we also came across few online tools which can perform the task in few simple clicks. All you need is a internet connection and the file at hand, upload it, cut it and save it. Easy ain’t it?

1, Mp3cut

Mp3cut is one of the best and easiest method for you to cut  Mp3 songs into ringtones. In order to use the service, You need to upload the mp3 file first. It will then get uploaded to their servers and prepare the music for playing.

Cut MP3 files online Free

Now you have just move the sliders according to your favorite bit of music and then click the button Split and Download – It cuts the mp3 file and saves your favorite bit of music.

2, CutMp3: Edit & Cut MP3 songs online is another free, simple Web 2.0 utility that enables you to cut out pieces of a MP3 files without installing any software. The free online tool cuts the MP3 at the frame level without losing the quality of your MP3.

Using it is very easy. First, open a MP3 file by clicking the Open button MP3. It will upload the file and calculate the length of the song. The calculation process will take few seconds.

Cut MP3 files online

Once this is done, There will be a timer at below the graph which can be used to specify the time of the new file.

Cut MP3  Free For Ringtone

At this point you simply move the two sliders under the graph to cut and shorten the MP3 track and adapt to your needs. Once  finished moving the two sliders, click on Cut and save the new file.

Just try yourself and leave your comments. If you know about any other free online mp3 cutting tool or tool which help you to split mp3 files, do share it with us, thanks in advance.