CyberGhost Classic VPN Free 12 Months License Key

Make yourself invisible with CyberGhost VPN. Cyberghost VPN is a fast and reliable VPN client and online service that lets users browse the Internet anonymously through a very secure 128-bit SSL encrypted connection. The program is very easy-to-use and requires no expert configuration. Once connected to Cyberghost VPN service a new IP address is provided by the client software which ensures that the CyberGhost VPN IP address should not be assigned to one particular CyberGhost VPN user and the real IP address is hidden from the web.  Moreover, you can also use Cyberghost VPN to access blocked websites or blocked content by circumventing geo, IP or other blockades.

CyberGhost VPN will give you back the freedom to roam, wherever you want to, to express your opinions and to feel comfortable again while surfing, sharing files, using WLAN and managing your online banking account. And it does it with ease, its operation is straightforward, simple and, of course, secure.

CyberGhost Premium VPN

Check out its main features and get yourself some invisible power today:

  • Surf the web anonymously by hiding your IP address
  • Avoid IP geo-locations
  • Securely protect your personal data online, even if you’re using public WiFi spots.
  • Watch videos online that are not available to view in your own country.
  • Avoid internet restrictions and censorship.
  • Access to Free servers and Premium servers.

CyberGhost Classic VPN Free 12 Months License Key for Free

Just in time for Halloween, are giving away a limited number of copies of CyberGhost VPN Classic 12 months prepaid plan, which normally charges $69.99. This means, that you are able to get a CyberGhost Classic VPN  12 months license key for free! CyberGhost Classic VPN offers Unlimited traffic volume but will limit your speed to a maximum of 512 kbit/s after 20 GB/month for traffic flat rate L.

The giveaway ends when the free license keys run out of stock  or at 8pm PT on Thursday, November 1, 2012. Get it now before they are all gone.  Access the promo page here and click on “GET IT NOW” button, and then fill in the required information to get your CyberGhost Classic VPN 12 months prepaid license key.

CyberGhost Classic VPN 12 months prepaid for Free

According to CyberGhost VPN Help & FAQ:  Please note, that you can’t activate more than one subscription at a time. If an old subscription is still valid, a new one would overwrite it and you might loose any residual days. So, if you bought a new subscription, wait until your old one is running out. (Don’t worry about time, your new subscription has no expiration date and can even be activated ten years from now.)

Sorry for the late to report this giveaway.