QILING Disk Master Professional Free Full Version Registration Key

QILING Disk Master Professional, previously known as DAYU Disk Master Pro, is a handy and reliable software solution that includes a suite of disk software aiming to improve the performance and security of your computer. It’s advanced and reliable data backup & system disaster recovery software for home office and business desktops and laptops. It enables users to perform self-service backup operation with comprehensive full/differential/incremental backup. So that users can recover from a variety of computer disasters, such as virus infection, system crashes, and partition loss. QILING Disk Master can also fast, easily and safely migrate system to an SSD or a bigger HDD for disk replacement or upgrade.

QILING Disk Master is able to create on-the-fly-encrypted virtual disks. It helps you protect your sensitive files or data from unauthorized access with strong encryptions. You can create a new volume which reside in a file, and mount it as a virtual disk. File operations on the virtual disk just like they are on any normal disk. Files that are being written/ read on virtual disk are automatically being encrypted/ decrypted on-the-fly, without any user intervention.

DAYU Disk Master

QILING Disk Master allows you to create a single RAM disk using available physical memory from Windows. The temporary files frequently accessed by system or other application can be saved here. Since that the read&write speed of the RAM memory is far greater than the real hard disk,  the RAM disk can improve overall system performance; additional, hard disk and SSD storage medium has its read and write times limit, the RAM disk improve the life of a real hard disk too.

QILING Disk Master can checks the hard disk health status by using SMART and Temperature display and view hard disk detailed information. If you need to adjust the partition size and location, QILING Disk Master can also help you in the case without damaging the data to adjust the size and position of the partition.

QILING Disk Master Professional Free Full Version Registration Key

QILING Disk Master Professional¬†is normally priced at $19 per serial number / registration key. But Sharewareonsale are having a giveaway of QILING Disk Master Pro v3.2, where everyone can download a full version copy for free. The giveaway will be valid for three days only. To grab your free copy, visit the prom page here, and press on the “Download It Now!” button to download the giveaway package.

Important: It’s always recommended to create a System Restore Point as well as make a backup of important data before trying out a new software.

Terms and Conditions

  • This is a 1-computer lifetime license, for home use;
  • No free updates;
  • No free tech support;
  • Must be downloaded, installed, and registered before this offer has ended;