Desktop Poet for Windows for Free

Desktop Poet for Windows is refrigerator magnetic poetry for the desktop of your PC. Desktop Poet presents the user with hundreds of word tiles on the desktop or “virtual fridge” area, and by forming the words into sentences or phrases, gives the user the ability to compose imaginative prose or to formulate specific brainstorming ideas. Desktop Poet visually helps the poet or brainstormer create clearer thinking, more imaginative projects, and better organized writing by expanding on the free flowing thought process.

Designed to be visually appealing and flexible, you can easily increase the vocabulary in Desktop Poet for Windows just by highlighting any word tile, clicking a button, and seeing variants of the word. You can even create your own word tiles, set backgrounds, choose different colors, and more! All of your custom tiles can be exported as JPG, TIFF, or HTML images for easy sharing with your friends, family and colleagues.

Desktop Poet for Windows

Desktop Poet for Windows Features

  1. Transform your desktop into a canvas for poetry
  2. Play around with word tiles to create silly, serious, and profound poetic works
  3. Increase grammar skills and creativity
  4. Increase the vocabulary by clicking on any tile
  5. Create your own custom tiles
  6. Export your custom tiles as image files

Desktop Poet for Windows for Free

Desktop Poet for Windows is normally priced at $19.95 per license key / serial number. Bitsdujour are having a giveaway of Desktop Poet for Windows, where everyone can download a full version copy for free. The giveaway will be valid for today only (24 hours on November 14, 2012). Act fast to grab your free copy. Go to the giveaway page here, and click on the “Get It For Free” button to get your free serial key & download link.

Desktop Poet for Windows works on Windows Vista (32 bit), 7 (32 bit).