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Disable / Enable Windows 8 Metro UI and Explorer Ribbon UI

The recently released Windows 8 Developer Preview build introduces the all new Metro style user interface to the desktop. The Win8 Metro UI comes with tile-based start screen (just like in Windows Phone 7), which provides notifications, up-to-date information from installed apps and allows you to launch apps quickly from its tile-based screen. You can also drag and resize app to side of the screen. The new user interface is mainly built for touch screens but also works fine with keyboard and mouse. However, some Windows 8 users confortable using the old style UI in Windows 7 and looking for the ways to disable it, so here is a freeware portable app named MetroController that helps you disable Windows 8’s Metro features such as Ribbon Explorer, Metro Start Screen and Lock Screen.

MetroController allows you to disable Metro UI in Windows 8. You not need edit registry manually or rename shsxs.dll: MetroController does all dirty job for you. It looks exactly like this:

There are two ways of tweaking are avaliable. First disables all new stuff in Windows 8, including Explorer’s Ribbon, Lock screen and Metro start screen.  Second option disable only Metro features and keeps Ribbon alive. You can re-enable all the new features i.e Metro stuff including Explorer’s ribbon UI, Metro Start Screen and Lock Screen using this app as well.

Download MetroController from this link.

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